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HBP commentary, Part XV

imadra_blue, I hope you're all right, doll. ♥

[03:38] pikacharma: SW dialogue feels like oldschool videogame dialogue to me
[03:38] furiosity: all your base are belong to us
[03:38] furiosity: that could so be a Grievous line
[03:38] evilsource: XD
[03:38] furiosity: "move zig!" said Anakin gravely
[03:38] evilsource: I'm such a geek, but I still love that
[03:38] furiosity: "the bomb, someone set us up" said Yoda, his eyes twinkling maniacally
[03:39] furiosity: as he eyed Anakin's round bottom
[03:39] snowflake_star: *ded*
[03:39] imadra_blue: YOU STOP!!!

HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 16 -- A Very Frosty Christmas

"I'm going to stick this sprout--"
And a million Ron/Harry shippers cry out in maniacal glee! :D

So, let me get this straight. Fred and George tried to get Ron to make an Unbreakable Vow when Ron was five. Which would mean that Fred and George were both seven at the time. So apparently, the magic required to make an Unbreakable Vow is simple enough that a seven-year-old with a wand could do it. Handy. (I'm not even going to start on the whole "underage magic" whatsit, because this is Fred and George Weasley we're talking about here, k!)

"holding hands with Fred and everything"
*pets the Ron/Fred shippers* She's doing this on purpose, isn't she? That, or I'm a perv. I'm betting it's that last one. >.>

You know, it struck me in this chapter that for all their disdain for book-learning and school (what with the dropping out and everything), Fred and George are very well-spoken -- "I'm sure you'll dazzle us all with hitherto unsuspected magical skills" strikes me more as something that Snape would say, or one of the Malfoys, but not a Weasley. Oh gosh darn, prejudism. >.>

I'd like to just echo what sistermagpie said elsewhere, since she said it better than I could: If you asked fandom five years ago which family was most likely to throw knives at each other at Christmas, do you think they'd have said the Weasleys? *snicker* What? It's true!

"I won't," said Ron, "let you see."
Awww, Ron. <333

I love how responsible Harry is being here, saying that he can't go to the Muggle village because he promised Dumbledore he wouldn't go wandering off.

I'm also grateful that JKR didn't use this as another opportunity to push forward the Harry/Ginny agenda, by writing something like "Harry didn't add that even if he could go and meet the pretty girl at the paper shop, he wouldn't have wanted to. She couldn't possibly be any prettier than Ginny." What? Any self-respecting OTP fanficcer would have done that, stfu. XD Then again, I'm honestly a little amazed at how Harry barely spares Ginny a thought during this whole chapter -- I mean, okay, he's had budding feelings for her for 15 chapters now.

This would be a perfect time to insert a scene or two with the two of them. Hi, they're staying in the same house for what, a week? Two? Sure, it's The Burrow, but come on -- if you're a hot-blooded sixteen-year-old boy with a crush, do you seriously NOT try to spend as much time by the object of your affection as you can, if you're already in close quarters with her? Does. Not. Compute. I suppose that at this point, I'm pretty much resigned that the canon H/G romance will never work for me, so I keep seeing perfect opportunities for JKR to have made it better.

And speaking of making things better -- hey, JKR! How about taking those two paragraphs written in past perfect and putting them at the end of the previous chapter? Because yawnola, dude. I mean, it's not like you're writing a one-shot here.

Harry feels fully justified in saying "I told you so" and does so, several times, to Ron. I wonder how Ron felt about that. XD

The living room is decorated as though there's been a paper-chain explosion. So amongst other things, Ginny has no taste. Good to know. The garden gnome at the top of the tree is probably supposed to be funny in the ha-ha kind of way -- garden pests should totally be used as inanimate props, dude! Now laugh! LAUGH!

The Celestina Warbeck song is so very cringeworthy on so many levels. You've got empty, sentimental "romantic" sap that's nearly incomprehensible if you actually try to imagine wtf it is she's singing about. What I want to know is what JKR's message is here -- that wizards are odd, or that these are the tastes Mrs Weasley -- the woman who brought up Ginny Weasley in what looks more and more like her own image. Omg, I get it now! Harry and Ginny are so cute! She has awful taste and he needs glasses to see anything clearly -- it's a match made in heaven!

"he's about as much a Death Eater as this satsuma"
I love Arthur Weasley when he's not being dominated by his wife. He actually has a sense of humour and there's a certain quiet sort of determination about him that would be appealing if he didn't turn into the "mad scientist" type the minute his wife was around. This book made me hate Molly Weasley a lot, btw. I think I might've mentioned this before. XD

I know a lot of people criticise Arthur for releasing "top secret" Ministry information to Harry, but I'm not sure why this is worthy of criticism. Ever since PoA, Arthur's always struck me as trying to treat Harry as an adult -- because Arthur is aware of what Harry must do. He's in the Order, isn't he? He knows about the prophecy's existence -- hell, he nearly died guarding it! It's not that much of a stretch to imagine that Arthur knows exactly what the prophecy contained, and so he's aware of just what awaits Harry at the end of the road. Just because he doesn't try to constantly butt in with friendly advice doesn't mean he's completely out of the loop. So I kind of appreciate that he keeps Harry clued in to what's going on at the Ministry level. *shrugs*

Blah, blah, Lupin, blah blah, exposition, blah. What I want to know is why Lupin uses the "he wanted my job" excuse to explain Snape's revealing that he was a werewolf in PoA. I realise that Lupin might not know that the DADA position is cursed, and if he did, he'd wonder why Snape "wanted his job", but this is not so much about Lupin as it is about Snape.

We, however, know that the DADA teaching position is cursed (it doesn't come up until later in the book, but this is a re-read, k). Is it not the case that Dumbledore's known for years that the position is cursed? And if Dumbledore knows about the curse, then surely so does Snape. I'm not a fan of manipulative-bastard!Dumbledore, and I think that Dumbledore would not put someone he trusted so implicitly in danger without letting him know. I realise this is a matter of belief/interpretation. I happen to think that Dumbledore is a white hat, quite firmly, and that JKR's writing him to be admirable and noble, not a power-crazed old codger.

Which makes the whole green-light-and-dramatic-fall escapade at the end that much more suspect. No, I don't think Dumbledore is really alive omg, I think he's quite dead, but this whole "cursed DADA job" thing keeps bothering me. Dumbledore knew it was cursed. Why give it to Snape? (and yes, I've read Red Hen's essay on the subject of Snape's loyalties and while I think she raises some really good points, I emphatically do not buy into the "Dumbledore is really alive omg and it was all an elaborate hoax!1" theory.) For me, basically, this indicates that Snape and Dumbledore were in cahoots, and that Dumbledore did intend for Snape to kill him (really kill him) -- after all, Dumbledore is not afraid of death; we know this from PS.

Which, if true, is going to make Book 7 very interesting.

I'm also curious about why Lupin is randomly apologising to Harry for not having written. Buh? After their spirited correspondence of the year before? Oh wait.

"the unmistakeable signs of having lived among wizards"
Is this supposed to imply that only wizards can become werewolves? The only reason I ask is that if werewolves can be non-magical, there could be a lot more of them, since the Muggles outnumber the wizards something fierce.

"said Lupin reminiscently"
Reminiscently? Dear, sweet Kinney, save me. -_-

You know, the stark discrepancy between "life at Hogwarts during the Marauder era" and "life at Hogwarts during Harry's era" has never bothered me until this chapter. Logically, the wizarding world seems to be all about preserving the status quo and keeping with tradition -- so how come life at Hogwarts is so very different now than it was 20-25 years ago? I mean, it's true that Lupin might be exaggerating just a little bit when he says "there were a few months in my fifth year when you couldn't move for being hoisted into the air by your ankle", but he's never struck me as prone to gross exaggeration. I guess it just baffles me that these fun student-invented spells have just disappeared out of existence. Instead, we've got Fred and George's party tricks, I guess. Lupin says "you know how these spells come and go" but... we really don't. Harry hasn't really used any of "these spells" until THIS year, and he needed a book to tell him about their existence! I just. Gah.

Just a random note, since it happens to come up here: canon usage of referring to someone's bloodline is "a pure-blood", "a half-blood", etc. Not "pureblooded" or "halfblooded". Just FYI. >.>

Anyway, Ron and his bling. Lavender's chain is tacky! So tacky! But let's forget that Ginny nearly drowned us in paper streamers last night, k! That's different, because it's Ginny, see. She rocks even when she has no taste.

"Harry's presents included a sweater"
Not jumper? I've got the UK version of the books, man. Search me.

Fred and George give their mother a tacky hat with diamonds on and a "spectacular" golden necklace (hm, as spectacular as Ron's?). I'd laugh, but this is actually in keeping with the tradition of tacky clothes from last year, typical nouveau-riche attitude. *snob*

And for the first time since the holiday started, Harry suddenly remembers he's got a crush on Ginny! Way to go, Harry.

"But Tonks has got her own family to go to, hasn't she?" "Maybe."
What is this phantom family? Her mother? Then why "maybe"? Inquiring minds...

I got nothing on the appearance of Percy and the family's reactions, and Scrimgeour's poor acting skills. I suppose the latter beg the question: how did this man get to become Head Auror? Don't they do Concealment and Disguise? Aren't they supposed to be the elite? That a man who headed the Auror HQ is so transparent, even to sixteen-year-olds, doesn't say much for the discipline of Auror.

"If you were to be seen popping in and out of the Ministry from time to time..."
I'm kind of curious how that would be accomplished. Harry's at Hogwarts all the damn time, and the impression I've always got was that students aren't allowed to leave the school grounds. o.O

I really loved Harry here -- this frank, unapologetic, shrewd Harry who says exactly what's on his mind without regard for Scrimgeour's rank. This is what I had always hoped Harry would grow up to be like. <3
Tags: criticism, fandom:hp, half-blood prince commentary, meta:canon
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