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HBP commentary, Part XVI

[18:19] furiosity: I was told ta catch you off of tha common room ta avoid playa confrontizzles so jus' chill.
[18:19] svimmelhet: haah that's awesome
[18:19] evilsource: *DIES*
[18:19] queenly: LMFAO
[18:19] furiosity: PLAYA
[18:19] evilsource: oh fuck I can't breathe
[18:19] queenly: Gizoogle owns me.
[18:20] furiosity: Previous message was not received by user coz of error: User is not available . It don't stop till the wheels fall off.

HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 17 -- A Sluggish Memory

Right, okay, Molly Weasley bursts into tears at the drop of a hat because one of her older children is a twatsicle (as though she has not been aware of this for what, a year?). Ladies and germs, I give you the Order of the Phoenix. -_-

I knew I wasn't going to like this chapter when Ginny didn't accidentally end up in one of those "other" wizarding rooms Harry sees as he travels via Floo. Wouldn't it have been great?

If the entire population of Hogwarts is using the Floo network to travel back to school (or, at least, that's the impression I got from the beginning of the chapter), wouldn't McGonagall's office be a little small to accommodate them all? Or does JKR mean "only students who matter" by "students"?

Haha, Hermione's ignoring Ron. That's so cute.

Snape definitely said "your master"
your master. Not our master. Curiouser and curiouser!

"He [Draco] told Borgin that Greyback was an old family friend"
Very interesting, this. Do Malfoys really go around making friends with werewolves or was that another lie? Oh Draco, you disappoint me. You were doing so well for five books.

The Apparition course costs 12 Galleons? Isn't that just a little bit steep, considering that the Weasleys managed to somehow pay for both Fred and George last year? With a vault that in CoS contained one (1) Galleon and a few Sickles in CoS, and Harry's constant harping on how poor they are, they're sure livin' large. I realise that it's not really an issue now that Fred and George are rich, but I'm still making the o.O face at it.

I'm just going to pass over the bad dialogue punctuation in the gorilla sentence. Let's pretend I didn't. -_-

I don't understand why people are so excited about Apparition. I realise it's like getting your driving licence, but um wtf, there are Portkeys and Floo and magical cabinets that you step into one and appear elsewhere. Maybe there's some sort of fine distinction I'm not getting, but not walking is not walking is not walking, no?

HBP: the book that gave us Finnigancest. Seamus/Fergus OTP!

Harry spends the entire day after the Charms lesson fielding questions about Apparition. Either the Hogwarts students who are about to turn seventeen are really stupid, or there are a lot more of them than we thought. Also, I wonder if Harry takes questions from the Slytherins. *snerk*

Dumbledore tears up at Harry's assertion that he's Dumbledore's man through and through. I realise JKR doesn't handle the crying thing very well, but how anyone can say that Dumbledore is manipulative or evil, after this, is absolutely beyond me. Sometimes there is such a thing as too much focus on the subtext.

Poor Dawlish. I wonder if he's going to nurse a grudge against the Ministry after they've repeatedly tried to put him at odds with Dumbledore.

Classic Harry in this chapter, going from emo woobie to glaring in five minutes flat.

Yay Phineas! *fangirl*

[Harry] still felt angry at the reception his confidences had received
Oh, dramatise.

Oh good, the Sorting Hat barely touched Riddle's head before placing him in Slytherin. Tom Riddle, he's like Draco in a way.

Wow, Tom must've been really evil. He did a total about-face at Hogwarts and was no longer arrogant or aggressive! How evil and maniuplative of him. It's just not possible that he finally felt like he was among equals and thus no longer needed to feel superior to anyone in order to avoid feeling like a freak. And of course, Dumbledore had his number from day one.

I'm amazed at the accuracy with which Harry can recall things Riddle said to him four years ago. It must be love.

"the weak seeking protection, the ambitious seeking some shared glory, and the thuggish, gravitating towards a leader who could show them more refined forms of cruelty."
Let's not forget that we're talking about children here. All Slytherins, of course.

"Few who knew him then are prepared to talk about him"
So that Tom Riddle = Voldemort is not some big wizarding world secret. I do wonder how he managed to keep his half-blood origin a secret, then!

"Harry could not help but feel a resentful admiration for Voldemort's complete lack of fear.
AHAHAHAHA. Voldemort, he's like the Gryffindors in a way.

I think it's dead decent of Dumbledore to have tried to free Morfin, since he'd been imprisoned for something he hadn't done, confession or not. It's also very telling that Harry gets indignant on Morfin's behalf -- though I can't decide if this is a good thing (Harry wants fair treatment for Morfin despite knowing that Morfin hated Muggles) or a business as usual thing (Harry just opposes what the Ministry does on principle).

And after years of debate, the underage magic question is finally answered.

FYI: Slughorn is fat.

For all her yapping about how young girls shouldn't fall for the "bad guys", JKR sure spends a lot of time making sure that the teenage Voldemort has nearly palpable sex appeal. =;

There are also antidotes to Veritaserum. My question is, if you're restrained in a chair like Barty Crouch Jr. was in GoF, and are being fed Veritaserum by force, would you kind of not have the opportunity to take an antidote? I mean, if Dumbles tied Sluggy down, what would the poor bastard do? Attempt to snort the antidote from across the room? Or is it possible to immunise yourself against Veritaserum -- and if so, can it be permanent?

Also, dear Dumbledore, plz to not be snarking out Phineas. I like you, but I think I like him more. XD
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