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HBP commentary, Part XVII

0001 - If you are going to Lumos and looking for accommodations, I unlocked a roomie search post I made last week, go and have a look. Locked again.

0010 - That's settled, then?

0011 - HBP commentary (previous parts).

[04:07] furiosity: I'm too busy corrupting the world to appreciate the great and t00by love
[04:07] furiosity: of
[04:07] furiosity: Yoda and Anakin
[04:07] furiosity: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[04:07] imadra_blue: thank god. *sporks you*
[04:07] eye_knead_name: *dies*
[04:08] furiosity: Did you just spork me?
[04:08] furiosity: for that
[04:08] furiosity: you get
[04:08] furiosity: "Harder, Master Yoda!" mewled Anakin piteously.
[04:08] evilsource: LMFAOOOOOOO
[04:08] imadra_blue: i spork her when she writes muppet secks
[04:08] evilsource: *dies*
[04:08] eye_knead_name: Ahahaha
[04:08] prncssleia: *is dead*
[04:09] furiosity: "Fuck you hard, I shall. And then make you clean up the mess, I will."

Chapter 18 -- Birthday Surprises

>.> Slughorn actually makes Potions sound like fun. *former chemistry nerd* This might or might not have something to do with the fact that he appears to be actually teaching, rather than bullying the students into doing well by threatening to feed poison to their pets. Seriously, though, I've never understood the clamouring that Snape is such a great and wonderful teacher. Sure, he doesn't let the students slack off, but he bullies them!

And I kind of want to smack Hermione for her self-righteous little "no short cuts or cheats!" mini-lecture. Give it a rest already.

Point: Hermione is aces at nonverbal spells.

Again, I'm amazed at Harry's magical ability to recall things from the first year verbatim. It's almost as though he's read the books!

Point: bezoars don't work on everything.

Why is Ron still wincing at the sound of Voldemort's name? Have I missed something, or has Harry not been telling Ron and Hermione all about Voldemort's angsty childhood for the past seven months or so? You'd have thought Ron would have got a grip in the meantime.

You know, JKR makes the Apparition lessons sound like this Serious Business affair, with all the Heads of House assembled in the Great Hall. Don't get me wrong, but... aren't there like fifty students, tops, who are even eligible for the lessons? The seventh-years already have their licences, and everyone below sixth year is underage... so... I don't get it. Fifty people can produce a "great" scrambling and jostling? News to me. There were about that many people in every mandatory class I attended whilst at high school. I don't remember ever feeling like there was a huge crowd. o.O "Oh dear, maths" again, I'm guessing.

OMG! CRABBE SPOKE! We didn't hear it, but he actually spoke! For the first time in six books, wtf. O.o

"Malfoy's rudeness"
Wow, Harry, you're one to speak of rudeness when you and your friends are the ones whispering to each other in practically every lesson. But it's only rude when Malfoy does it -- and no one but McGonagall even notices, mind.

But wow, Harry actually recognises that Malfoy and Crabbe are friends. In typical Harry-fashion, of course, but wow. Anyway, I'm too busy squeeing at the H/D in this scene, so I'll just move on >.>

Wilkie Twycross doesn't seem to be making any noise when he Disapparates: is this more support for the "the more skilled you are, the less noise you make whilst Apparating" theory, or an oversight?

In other news, the obsession with Malfoy has entered its critical stage, and Harry is snapping impatiently at his friends because he can't wait to go back to his room and stare at Malfoy's dot on the Marauder's Map. Be still, my heart.

Draco, unsurprisingly, is in the Slytherin common room with his friends. Shock! Horror!

Peeves made Neville set fire to his pants. I wonder if this is supposed to be funny, because it kind of isn't. *cuddles Neville*

Ahahahaa oh my God. Harry, making unnecessary visits to the bathroom, staring at the map, looking for Malfoy. It almost takes all the fun out of H/D, really, seeing as it's practically canon now. XP

Yay for birthday boy!Ron! :D Unsurprisingly, he gets tacky bling from his parents, but this seems to thrill him. Unlike Lavender's necklace.

But Harry doesn't care about Ron's birthday bling; all he cares about is Malfoy. Too. Easy. XD XD

In a way, it's Harry's fault that Ron ends up eating the love potion-laced Chocolate Cauldrons. Considering Harry's amazing recollection abilities, had he been actually paying attention to his best friend instead of obsessing over Malfoy, he might've noticed that that box of chocolates looked familiar.

Woo, Ron/Harry hatesex! Er... I mean. Uhm. I'll just be over there. >.>

...Yeah, I'll be over here, watching Lavender pout her dialogue. *facepalms a lot*

Harry had been slightly worried that Slughorn would be at breakfast, always stuffing his face, the fat little monkey. But it appears that Slughorns like their beauty sleep on Saturdays.

Also, potioneer? Bwah.

"perhaps if they got through enough of the oak-matured mead"
It appears that Harry and Slughorn are headed for careers in professional alcoholism. Considering that Slughorn suggests they drink alcohol before breakfast in the morning. And Harry looks forward to it.

I actually seriously thought Ron was done for when I'd first read this chapter. ;_;
P.S. I hope this post doesn't hurt JKR's feelings if she happens to stumble accross it whilst trawling the intrawebs. >.>
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