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HBP commentary, Part XVIII

[04:48] furiosity: Hey, Q!
[04:48] evilsource: Q!
[04:48] eye_knead_name: Q!!
[04:48] prydera: 'sup Q?
[04:48] prncssleia: HI!!!!!
[04:48] luxuria: *hugs Q*
[04:48] furiosity: howzithangin Q?
[04:48] prncssleia: omg...Q has lag.
[04:48] imadra_blue: hi w!
[04:48] eye_knead_name: Ahahahaha
[04:48] bozaloshtsh: lol
[04:48] imadra_blue: omg. i fucked it up for everyone.

HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 19 -- Elf Tails

Oh look, Ginny! Harry appears to have forgotten all about her during the previous two chapters, which spanned what, three months? Everybody say, "Welcome back, Ginny!"

Aw, Ron called Hermione's name in his sleep. Bless him. *sniff*

Hagrid tramps in, crossbow in hand, and announces that he'd been reading to Aragog. What was he reading, I wonder? The ancient runes along the crossbow's tiller?

I wonder how we're supposed to take Fred's remark about Oliver Wood being capable of bumping off the Slytherin Quidditch team -- would he have done it because they were that good, and so a threat to Gryffindor's team, or just because they're dirty, rotten cheaters and deserve it?

It's ironic in such a sad way that Arthur and Molly feel indebted to Harry for all the things he's done for their family. Meanwhile, if Harry and Ron weren't friends, half the bad stuff that happened to the Weasleys probably wouldn't have. I wonder if Harry will ever cotton on to that.

"Yer expect accidents, don' yeh, with hundreds of under-age wizards all locked up tergether"
No, Hagrid. Fandom expects orgies. *pats* Also, hundreds. I guess that's the final word on the population of Hogwarts?

The thought of Hagrid skulking amuses me to no end. XD

"Dumbledore told him flat out he'd agreed ter do it an' that was all there was to it"
Agreed to do what? Off Dumbledore when the time comes? Get into Stubby Boardman's pants? The closer I read HBP, the more unlikely black-hat!Snape is looking.

So it's okay to call Squibs what they are, since there doesn't seem to be a special term of abuse for them. Does that mean that it would be okay to say "You sneakin' Muggleborn!" instead of "You sneakin' Mudblood!"?

Harry's wearing jeans at Hogwarts. First time in six books, innit?

Many Gryffindors wanted to see Zacharias Smith […] punished soundly for his commentary during the opening match against Slytherin.
Begging your pardon, but wasn't Ginny's little stunt with a broomstick not enough?

Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch*; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.

* or Ginny, for that matter.

I got nothin', your honour. XD

"Malfoy stopped short at the sight of Harry"
Aww, see, Harry? He loves you back. The Boy Who Scored, he called you -- I don't think that was an accident. XD XD

I think Harry's secretly hurt that Draco isn't going to watch the game and see Harry score. He totally dismisses Ginny and snaps at McLaggen. Young love.

<3333 Luna.

The Hufflepuffs and Slytherins in the crowd are cheering together. What a momentous occasion. >.>

Hufflepuff's Bibble Buggins Cadwallader sounds like quite the Chaser, btw. I mean, he's scored more goals than Ginny!

And then in the hospital wing, Harry fantasises about Ginny weeping over Harry's lifeless form. Gag me with a rusty spork.

Blah, blah, house-elf scuffle, really didn't need this much page time, blah blah.

I know it's sad, but the first thing I thought about after this chapter was finished and Harry had dispatched the house-elves to do his bidding was "Hermione's not going to like this." XD
Tags: criticism, fandom:hp, half-blood prince commentary, meta:canon
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