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Things you need to know before you read my reviews:

1. Vote oulangi. She started doing reviews of Snarry fics in her LJ. Fandom asploded. I asked people if they wanted to see something similar for H/D fics on my journal, and people answered.

2. I cheerfully refer to myself as a fic bitch: I dislike 90% of what's produced by H/D writers. This is not necessarily because it sucks (though, to be honest, a lot of it does), but because I'm hella picky. Observing basic grammar, spelling and punctuation rules goes without saying (though I'm willing to overlook gaffes if it's a great story). Canon is good; I'll believe just about anything, but it needs to follow logically from canon for me to like it. I don't care about writing style as much as I care about keeping the characters in character and establishing and/or maintaining the H/D dynamic, though I'm afraid my mind is too feeble to truly appreciate the genius of intellislash.

3. These reviews are not for the authors. They're:
  • a way for me to keep track of what I'm reading;
  • a way for me to communicate my impressions to people who share my tastes in H/D fic.
Anything negative I say is by no means an anti-rec -- just because something doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for everyone else. Part of the reason I'm using the hd_prophet-linked fics is that they're essentially recs; the Prophet doesn't link to every single fic out there. In other words: someone else has already recced it, so even if I conclude that it's not my cuppa doesn't mean it isn't worth reading. I'm just one reader. That said, if you are an author and you are sensitive to criticism, do yourself a favour and don't read my reviews.

4. If a one-shot is featured on the Prophet but not in the reviews, it means I gleaned enough from the summary and warnings to know that I would not enjoy it. I don't read stuff I know I'll hate. Things I hate include but aren't limited to mpreg, glorification of marriage/child-rearing, men acting like (or being) women, rape fantasy, foodsmut, bloodplay, spanking, scat, chan, breathplay, watersports, bestiality, felching, munging, necro, hardcore S&M, foot fetish, crossdressing, genderfuck, and Ron/Draco.

I also do not review any fics by anon authors from fests in which I'm a participant, for the sake of maintaining anonymity (I could, technically, snark out a fic of mine if it's recced while still anon, but it is much more fun to do that when my name's attached to the fic). I don't review self-recced fics, either.

5. I don't read WIPs -- because I don't know when an author will decide to quit writing and leave everyone hanging. Or worse, trot out a plot device that makes me wish I'd never wasted my time reading the story in the first place.

6. These reviews are 100% subjective, filled with spoilers, and uncensored.

7. Vote oulangi.
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