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Fic reviews [more info]. I went back an issue this time, but I'm probably not going to go back and review stuff from past issues unless someone wants me to. :P

July 18

Crossword by rurounihime (NC-17)
Confused why Draco uses a regular pen instead of a quill. Solid, evocative writing -- but you know, I pasted it into NoteTab, substituted "Michael (Corner)" and "Zacharias (Smith)" for "Harry (Potter)" and "Draco (Malfoy)" and it didn't read OOC in the slightest. There weren't even any physical identifiers like eye colour, scars, etc. This is why I generally forgo established relationship fic: most of it completely bypasses the hate/love dynamic of the pairing and you end up with basically DIY porn (pick a pairing, any pairing!) if you're not too lazy to auto-replace the names.

Beginnings by fourth_rose (G, drabble)
Sweet without being fluffy, and makes me want to know the backstory. Though I have to say that this is the 2382938th time I see broomsticks and flight being used for the Air/Sky prompts at the big-old-fanfic-table-type comms. Does anyone ever use anything other than brooms/flight for these? I'm only asking because my own "sky" and "air" efforts always come back to broomsticks, too. XD

July 14

An Unexpected Gift by incapricious (PG)
It has ecstatic ants! :D Pacing's a bit jerky (doot doot, party! doot doot, DEATH EATERS!) and there are a few minor grammatical and sentence structure issues. Not sure about the crickets; a Britpicker once told me that there are no crickets in Britain. And now every time I see crickets in HP fic, I get thrown out (I think this might be a case of "ignorance is bliss", really). (ETA: louise to the rescue - there are crickets! *eyes Britpicker-who-must-not-be-named*) The resolution's believable, but I admit I would have liked to hear more about Draco's side of the story.

A Generation Lost in Space by anonymous author. (PG-13/light R)
Needs a Britpick and a beta, because typos, omitted articles, inconsistent tense use, netspeak-y expressions and bad punctuation are not FTW. (e.g. They make light conversation, football, celebrities, and the Royals. -- I laughed for about a minute, but I don't think this was supposed to be funny. With a colon instead of that first comma, it wouldn't have been). Harry's inner turmoil is handled well, and the ghosts are truly scary (in a good way). The dialogue's sorta pastede on, especially the big tell-all monologues in the end. The H/D is sort of like:
Harry: *is going insane because the ghosts of Christmas his past won't quit pestering him*
Draco: *shows up inexplicably*
Harry: *is cured, yayz*
Which is okay for an OTP-type reader like me, but not terribly believable. Draco felt too much like a scene prop/plot device; I think I'd have liked this a lot more if it had focussed entirely on Harry and Ron's deteriorating friendship.
Tags: criticism, hd_prophet, meta:harry/draco
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