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HBP commentary, Part XIX

[07:05] svimmelhet: There was this kid at my high school that looked like Jesus. his name was Aidan.
[07:05] eye_knead_name: There was a kid at my old high school that looked like Jesus. So we called him Jesus.
[07:06] svimmelhet: We called ours Jebus
[07:06] furiosity: There was a kid at my school who was called Jesus, only in Spanish
[07:06] furiosity: but everybody called him Joe.

HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 20 -- Lord Voldemort's Request

In which Harry's chest monster makes a reappearance. Yay chest monster!

You know, judging by the amount of cheating Harry and Ron do -- what with letting Hermione do their homework and copying off each other -- I'm surprised they're actually getting okay grades. It's the former school swot in me speaking, I suppose. Yeah, I was one of those self-righteous little "if you cheat, you don't deserve a good grade!" prats. Actually, I still am. Can't stand it when someone reaps the benefits of someone else's work. Huh.

Point: Dumbledore never studied Divination. Had he mentioned this in earlier books?

Please hold whilst we pause for the obligatory scene wherein the teen protagonist experiences prickly shame at having disappointed his mentor. Is it just me, or are these a staple in books about kids? "I'd rather you screamed at me!" I dunno, maybe it is just me, but I'd rather people I disappoint were calm about it. >.>

Bless Harry for feeling uncomfortable that Voldemort had felt affectionate towards Hogwarts once. It's such a warm and fuzzy feeling, it's just not fair that that dastardly villain shared it once!11

Eighteen's too young to teach at Hogwarts. Good to know. XD

Galatea Merrythought turns up again -- Voldemort had asked about her in the portion of Slughorn's memory that had not been tampered with. This tells me, at least, that he was setting his sights on the DADA position way back then. I do wonder why.

"Because Hepzibah Smith looked a long way from lovely in his opinion."
Yes, Harry, and you would do well to make a note of this. Combined with her poor taste and given her mother's girth? In a few decades, that'll be Ginny. Just FYI. No pressure or anything. >.>

Tom Riddle, however, looks more handsome than ever. Oh, Harry. You're so painfully obvious.

I wonder what's up with the red eyes. Does that ever get explained? Or is it just that Voldemort is evil, and villains must have red eyes? Tom Riddle, like a T-800 in a way. I wonder if he gets pissed off because of the cavalier way in which Hepzibah speaks of his late mother or just because he feels he owns the locket.

Poisoning by accident merits a conviction in the wizarding world. Huh. I suppose their legal system is quite different from the Muggle one, anyway -- I can see how mens rea might not be as important: when you've got spells that can alter memories and put someone under your will completely, I suppose whatever judicial system exists places expectations on people to be alert for such enchantments. :?

It's interesting, that in the wizarding world, someone can vanish for ten years, gain unbelievable magical power, assemble a band of loyal followers, etc without anyone being the wiser for it. I mean, even in our magic-less world, a terrorist can't exactly hide completely from intelligence services; there's always a paper trail of some sort. Even if they can't be caught, they can be watched/monitored and whatnot. What exactly do those Aurors do again?

Just randomly, JKR is really fond of things "drifting" past windows. The snow drifting past the window in this chapter is probably the sixth instance of such usage in the book so far. Sometimes, a thesaurus is a good thing.

Let's take a minute to let Harry compose himself after he laments the loss of the pretty, pretty Tom Riddle.

Bahahah, Aberforth has been feeding Albus information about the Hog's Head visitors. That's so cute.

The DADA job has been cursed for a really long time; I'm surprised that this is just a "rumour" when Harry starts school. I mean, we're talking what, over fifty years -- in other words, over fifty teachers. Wizards can be pretty dense sometimes. Then again, it's not like JKR made a secret of that -- right in PS, we find out that wizards + logic =/= NOTP. Unless you're Snape. XD
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