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Fic reviews [more info]; July 19th - July 22nd.
July 19

Coins by inell (NC-17)
I swear I've read this fic before. No, seriously. Like, months ago. o.O Huh. Maybe it's a really elaborate deja vu. I'm always wibbly about rentboy!Draco fics because the idea of Draco becoming a rentboy is an extremely tough sell for me. I adore a well-done rentboy!Draco whose motivation I can believe, but I'm not sold, here: Narcissa Malfoy would not send her only son away without ensuring that he was going to be safe, healthy and provided for. Even passing over that for a moment, I don't see Draco leaving his mother behind -- I think HBP was proof enough of this. He could have run at any point during the book, but he did not (it's also why I can't buy "Draco ran away" unless Narcissa has died or run away herself before it happens). The H/D backstory is the good ol' "tell, don't show" brand (i.e. there is a sentence that basically tells the reader that it's been lust/longing all along, and not really hate). The "Draco doesn't know it's Harry" device that drives the smut scene would have worked if this were taking place in, say, Edinburgh. But I'd think that if you're a rent-boy in Rome (where people generally speak Italian; shocking, I know) and a client of yours starts speaking English to you, you'd turn around to see who it was. I'm just sayin'.

Playacting by venivincere (PG)
I liked it. Short, very well-done dialogue format and the sort of established relationship fic that I enjoy.

July 20

Without Control in the Department of Something-or-Other by darkermannequin (PG-13)
Um, what happened to canon? This is a piece of wish-fulfillment meta disguised as fic, dripping with fanon cliches.

July 21

The File Room by wook77 (R)
Good premise, good Draco, and the H/D is perfectly dysfunctional, just the way I like it. The narrative style is different from what I prefer, but it mostly works, even though some phrasings are awkward.

July 22

The Park Bench by naadi (PG)
You know, I almost didn't read it because it warned for fluff, but I'm glad I did. It's not the saccharine, mindless kind of fluff that I avoid -- it is fluffy, but in that squeeful OTP kind of way. A lot is dealt with -- and successfully resolved -- in only 800 words. Lovely, lovely ficlet.

Aside from all that, I have a question. The idea of a supernatural governing body giving vampires licences to bite people occasionally -- I first read it in Lukjanenko's Night Watch series, but did it originate there? Somehow I doubt it, but I've never been an avid reader of vamp!stuff. Anybody know?
Tags: criticism, hd_prophet, meta:harry/draco
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