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Lumos: Day 1


It's hot. Met up with pir8fancier and karaz at the airport. Checked in, had lunch at Wooloughan's pub with scarah2, then hung out in the lobby for a bit and checked out the resort. Kinney on a stick, this place is enormous and so very swanky!

Took a taxi to drugstore, got Red Bull and smokes, then got iced coffee at Starbucks. Have already seen a tonne of people -- emmagrant01, fiona_fawkes, bethbethbeth, shabzilla, happiestwhen, mijan, elanor_isolda, gatewaygirl... and.. uh, I'm forgetting several people, I think. *stabs brain*

I am now, uh, in the lobby. Writing fic I still owe. *facepalm* >.>

If anything of note happens, I will ETA it to this post later. I will try to make daily reports of happenings this time instead of trying to remember stuff when I return. Yes.

sfklajfkljsfdsksjfds omg yay!

ETA: In the evening, karaz and I went down to the Irish pub and met up with happiestwhen, spurious, incroyable, shabzilla and goldie, who informed us that there was going to be an informal H/D pool party at the jacuzzi. We went up to the Irish pub and hung out with emmagrant01, kriken, bethbethbeth, geoviki, cordelia_v, elanor_isolda and a few others for a bit, then got some fruit frappuccinos at Starbucks, which pir8fancier and I proceeded to spike with the rum that karaz brought. yamapea, cursescar and marvolo arrived and then a bunch of us went down to the pool, where there was champagne and Tim Tams and geeking out, talking about HP, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Draco and Prince of Tennis. incognito arrived around midnight, which made me squee a lot! I'm leaving out a bunch of details but dkfjdk this is going to be a great con! :D
Tags: cons, fandom, lumos2006
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