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now that I'm back, you can't sleep

Remember this and this? Well, now there's this, (eta: deleted) and apparently there's an oppressed silent majority who are too afraid to speak up. Because as everyone who's known me for five seconds can surely attest, I am horribly unreasonable when people disagree with me, not to mention I have big teeth and eat babies with them.

So to all the oppressed amongst you -- silentauror has a poll whose results only she can see. Because like her, I am also very curious.

ETA: Just FYI, SA is not trying to act as spokesperson for the alleged silent majority; she made the poll because she is curious.

Son of ETA: SA's taken the poll down from her post, but at last count (about 00:30 EST), the results were:

How do you feel about the Oulangi/Furiosity-style reviews of stories?
I support it entirely - 32 (51.6%)
I'm undecided/not sure/don't care - 21 (33.9%)
I don't like it - 9 (14.5%)

...what silent majority, again? I rest my case.

How much better it would be if all fandom were one giant con. ;) anasuede has a poll. With ticky boxes!
Tags: fandom:hp, hd_prophet
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