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i'll make the tea hot, people get in my face and ask

[11:56] goneril: i have just ordered an internet pizza
[11:56] furiosity: omgz!
[11:56] goneril: i always feel like sandra bullock in the net when i do that
[11:56] furiosity: will it have internet potatoes on it
[11:57] goneril: no, it will have internet ham and pineapple though
[11:57] goneril: and internet garlic bread
[11:57] furiosity: ooh
[11:57] furiosity: and internet cheese!
[11:57] goneril: yes!
[11:57] goneril: the internet tastes GOOD
[12:00] furiosity: lmao!

Fic reviews [more info]; July 25th - August 2nd.

July 25, 2006

Songs of Sex by fireelemental79 [NC-17 - poem]
I'm an absolute Philistine when it comes to poetry, so I (shockingly, I know) have no opinion on this one. I read it, was unmoved, but see: Philistine.

The Arrangement by rurounihime [R]
omg, excellent. The dialogue is fun and snappy -- for 99% of the time. There were some spots where I couldn't believe that this was a couple of guys talking. Draco is a bit subdued but awesome nonetheless, considering the passage of time; I was particularly delighted when he said "for Godric's sake" which is an great change from Salazar and all those other Slytherin dignitaries. The writing is complex and visceral -- no skimping on any of the five senses here, though epithets ("the blond") abound, enough to be distracting to someone who's allergic to them. This is one of those fics that make me go OMG! OTP! OTP! a lot.

Here be Dragons by stillaseeker [PG]
The author says it's his/her first HP fic and I really hope s/he keeps writing, because omg, ickle!Harry so precious and the attention to canon details, omg yay! The H/D is kind of pastede on but I think every author's first post-Hogwarts H/D has that element, because creating a post-war world complete with characterisations is terrifyingly unwieldy, especially when you've got word limits to think about.

July 27, 2006

The End by jemalfoy [R]
It has Harry's emerald orbs in it. Nuff said. The R rating is unwarranted.

July 29, 2006

The Soft Goodbye by ladybelz [PG-13]
This should have an AU label. Dumbledore fighting in a battle in the very first paragraph kind of necessitates it, especially since JKR has just confirmed, complete with emo tears, that he's dead as a doornail. Scrolled down a few and saw that there's super!Harry who calls Voldemort a "mudblood". Definitely not my cuppa, but might hit the spot as AU.

August 2, 2006

Complications by rurounihime [NC-17]
I dare anyone to not want to read a fic with a summary that says "Blaise needs a beer." Blaise's voice is excellent, though he's somewhat indistinguishable from Draco in spots. I don't mind Ameriprose with Brit dialogue, but when "flat" and "elevator" (or, conversely, "apartment" and "lift") are in the same narrative passage, it just looks sloppy. Also, "snarky" is largely an Internet term. However, this fic has just made Blaise/Seamus my new OTP and that pretty much makes up for everything. The Gryffindor/Slytherin dynamic was narrated so well through Blaise that the lack of backstory for H/D mattered not a whit.

Mirror, Mirror by _minks [NC-17]
Hot and clever (the mirror! cheeky bugger of a Draco!) and pays attention to canon. Two thumbs up. That it hit two of my bulletproof kinks -- wanking and voyeurism -- didn't hurt, either. XD

Time by closet_bound [PG - drabble]
Omgwibble. :( Breakup fics make me all :S even more than death fics for some reason. I liked the framing of this a lot.

Deflagrate by furiosity [NC-17]
Let's all mourn for the death of logic. Look, we can be clever and witty by mixing tenses in fic by using nifty little separators! Because Kinney forbid we master the past perfect tense to describe the backstory -- I guess at least the backstory is there instead of just being hinted at, but what a fucking clumsy way to do it. This feels like the motherfucking kitchen sink with everything from Quidditch to famous Squibs to Muggle cabs. It's like she couldn't make up her mind what the fuck to write about. Kinney! The fire inside? Bitch, please. That's only a small, insignificant step up from the bloody chest monster. Who the fuck passed this bint a keyboard and said that she could write? Though I suppose we should all be thankful she didn't provide a dictionary definition of "deflagrate" at the top, just to hit us over the head with the pathetically obvious double meaning/metaphor/whateverthefuck. Some people just shouldn't write.
Tags: criticism, hd_prophet, meta:harry/draco
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