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Lumos post of doom

I have a flickr set up with all the photos -- the pics with people in them are tagged by day, but the other stuff -- like the hotel grounds, the pools, the various con props (noticeboards, etc) are all in there.

The report is mostly a daily log of events; I don't really go into meta or anything like that. Much. So uh, if you just want to see the pics, click on the link next to each day XD.

tl;dr warning: I am wordy as ever and this con report is approximately 5000 words longCollapse )

Oh! jamoche's story, Elements of the Dark Arts, won Bringing Back the Dead after 10 (6 to 4) votes in this friendslocked poll. Since the prize for that was a choice between $25 gift certs for Amazon or LJ, I offered to just give her the cash, which she accepted. Yay for cons making life slightly less complicated. :)) I'm also probably going to run BBtD again next year, so if you're interested, keep an eye out.

meanwhile, back at the ranch...Collapse )

In other news, I'm MIA this weekend because it's Hogsmeade at hogwarts_elite. *waves to all*
Tags: cons, fandom, ficathons, lumos2006, pictures
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