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Fic: Jeunesse Dorée [Harry/Draco; NC-17]

Title: Jeunesse Dorée
Author: furiosity
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Rimming
Pairing: Harry/Draco; Harry/other
Disclaimer: JKR owns. I only play. You do not sue.
Length: 9600 words
Summary: The trouble with Draco was that he didn't talk like normal people. Everything was a riddle.
Dedication: mace_lite
Beta: evilsource, mellafe
Note: Written for slashfest 2006. The request was: Harry and Draco are friends (work partners, if you prefer) with a bit more chemistry than platonic friends usually have. Draco's got a spectacular crush on Harry (in love, if you like). Harry can be aware of it or he can be oblivious -- up to you. Bonus points given for jealousy at some point, top!Harry and a bit of rimming.
Concrit: Always welcome and appreciated.

( Jeunesse Dorée )
Tags: fic:era:post-hogwarts, fic:fandom:hp, fic:genre:romance, fic:length:medium, fic:pairing:harry/draco, fic:post-hbp, fic:pov:harry, fic:type:slash
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