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Fic reviews [more info]; August 11th - 19th.

August 11, 2006

Finding Harry by kit84 [NC-17]
One day, someone will write an abusive!Lucius story that I can believe. This story, however, is not it -- I stopped reading about a quarter of the way through. Might work for you if you enjoy h/c as it's admittedly hard to do H/D hurt/comfort without abusive!Lucius in the picture.

August 12, 2006

Up the Ante by marcasita [NC-17]
This is just hilarious and yummy and awesomely characterised and so well-written. Eee!

August 16, 2006
Lush Life by pir8fancier [R]
I'd read this back while the authors were still anonymous, and I knew who'd written it instantly. This Draco is one of a kind, and you will only enjoy the story if you like the way pir8fancier writes him -- Draco as a sardonic drama queen doesn't work for everyone. Does for me -- even though I don't agree that Draco would ever give up magic, for anything. Nor do I think that he'd abandon his mother. But as this is a sequel to Lettered, which was written long before HBP (which pretty much cemented my belief in "Draco will choose family over anything"), I didn't mind -- couldn't, in fact, since Lettered is firmly on my All-Time Top Ten list. The wandless magic annoyed me; it always does, 'cause I'm a roguelike player and magic of the HP sort is incredibly unbalanced as it is -- not needing a wand to do it makes you a munchkin. In semi-literary terms, magic that doesn't require any sort of sacrifice is too pat. I hate effortless magic in all fantasy.[/tangent] And omg, finally a rentboy!Draco rationale that I can get behind. Great dialogue, great OCs; definitely a fun read.

Reading Between the Lines by Anon [R]
This is a remix of Lettered (see above under All-Time Top Ten) and it does a fantastic job of providing Harry's perspective from that fic. I have to admit that I like the Lush Life scenario for the end better, because well, it's canon. For lack of a better word. XD

Not Entirely Unexpected by emmagrant01 [NC-17]
I liked this one a lot; living-in-obscurity!Harry is rare in post-Hogwarts fics and here he's handled very nicely. Plus it's hot.

A Handful of Memories by incognito [PG-13]
This fic confused me at first, so I read it again. I get it, I think, but it's a bit of a mindfuck either way. Ron and Hermione are great, as is Draco, and I feel bad for Harry. :(

Bayeux by rurounihime [PG-13]
[This used to be an explanatory sentence that no longer made any sense as I reworded my review before posting it. Bad editing is not FTW, f. -_-] I can't really make up my mind whether this fic is an excuse for the author to revisit a beloved vacation destination or a look at the H/D relationship through symbolism. ETA: The revisiting isn't a bad thing, btw, at least not to my mind. Some people turn up their nose at pepper jack cheese, but I think it has its place, especially when places or local customs are involved.[/ETA] Either way, it's written very well.

Whiskers and Wags by legomymalfoy [NC-17]
Needs a Britpick kind of a lot. This fic has an old-school feel, with more time spent shedding light on Snape and Harry's friendship than on the H/D, and it feels really rushed. I was a bit confused that Harry is 23 and still acting like a teenager, though I admittedly don't know very many younger men. I can't say I liked it; it's too heavy on the banter and too light on everything else. I think this is one of those fics that pj called a "shipper's fic" last week; works if you're prepared to accept little to no backstory and just enjoy the H/D.

August 17, 2006

Paradise Para Dos by enchanted_jae [NC-17]
Needs a Britpick and a beta: when characters start frowning their dialogue, I tend to start frowning too. This reads kinda like paint-by-numbers porn; I lost interest by about the middle of it, but I've never been much for PWP. I wouldn't have bothered reading this had it been labelled as such.

Unintended by furiosity [NC-17]
Oh, not this long-winded idiot again. Why does the Prophet keep reccing her stories? Her writing sucks! Boring babble about Hogsmeade in the midst of war -- who gives a fuck? There are far better ways to handle exposition. Ooh, lookit, she wrote two endings! The first one was against her artistic integrity, or something. It's POTTER PORN, YOU IDIOT. WHAT IS THIS ARTISTIC INTEGRITY YOU SPEAK OF? -_-

The Frightened Look of Love by lucilla_darkate [PG-13]
This fic is dreadfully depressing and it put Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers in my head. But it's very good.

August 18, 2006

Future (Seven High) by furiosity [PG-13]
You know it's going to suck if you see parentheses in the TITLE. At least there are no parentheses in the fic itself, but that doesn't stop it from being a load of pretentious drivel. It makes no sense!

The Months of Poker in Manchester (The Digital Remix) by anon [R]
I really enjoyed the original fic this is a remix of, and this one provides a fantastic backstory while still evoking the melancholy atmosphere of the original. Definitely a rec. A++++

The Morning Walk by anon [R]
This is a beautiful fic. While this Draco is a bit softer around the edges than I like him, he really works, here.

Of Discussions and Repercussions (the First-Time Heavy Shakes Remix) by anon [NC-17]
Okay, this actually explains how Draco became an Auror. I could cry, because words absolutely fail me at how often Auror!Draco is just there, with no good reason for it that would, you know, mesh with the canon FACT that Aurors catch people who practise dark magic, of which Draco is one. This fic gives an explanation. Yay! It also makes sure that Draco's family is out of the way before he changes sides. Excellent dialogue, excellent characterisation but I once again was thrown the hell out by "snark" in the middle of everything. Curses. But it's an excellent read.
Tags: criticism, hd_prophet, meta:harry/draco
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