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now our history is for sale

This has been an awesome Sunday. I got lucky in the merry_smutmas lottery (whee!) and goneril and I are working on a crack project that's making my brain finally unwind after having written/edited close to 30K words in 4 nights last week. I'm also doing a little work on another crack project that scarah2 and I are collaborating on.

I'm signing up for nothing after this, btw. I'd wanted to try my hand at every exchange, and I now have, and I just want to write my own things, of which I have no shortage. imadra_blue and I need to work on Abeyance, I'm writing another novel-length H/D (that came out of nowhere just before Lumos o.O), plus I'm about halfway through the next installment of Alpha Watch. I owe comments and I'll be getting to them tonight after some drinks with friends. *\o/*

Also. Fic reviews [more info]; August 22 - 26.

August 22, 2006

Interview With the Hero by scoradh [R]
Author's summary: At the age of twenty-five, Draco is confronted with the past he'd rather not remember and the questions that still need answering. Still, a little Slytherin guile goes a long way. The only problem is that he might discover more than he bargained on about the people he thought he knew.
My 2 cents: Do I think this is perfect? No. I had issues with elements of the plot and certain characterisation choices (homophobe!Ron being the biggest one; I can't stand homophobe!Ron anywhere, but especially not in H/D fics). However, did I love it to pieces anyway? You bet your porn stash I did. This fic is in a class of its own; it covers such a broad range of issues that are barely hinted at in canon, the Draco characterisation is absolutely to die for, Harry is fantastic and the cast of OCs is, as usual, simply brilliant. It's been a long time since I've read a fic that has made me think and feel as much as this one did. Just gorgeous.

Twenty Years (The Forever and Beyond Remix) by anon [PG-13]
Author's summary: Draco speaks words--duty and obligation and love-that Harry has heard so many times before, but this is the first time that they don't leave deep furrows in his heart.
My 2 cents: I'd never read the original fic this is a remix of, but this one does a really good job of laying out what went on there -- this is really difficult to do and the remix author has done a wonderful job. It's subtle, and shown rather than told. This is a really emotional piece, with the action a sort of backdrop for the relationship, and a lovely read.

August 24, 2006

More Than a Memory by scrtkpr [NC-17]
Author's summary: Draco Malfoy is back after a five-year absence, and he and Harry Potter have unresolved issues.
My 2 cents: I knew I was going to like this Harry about two seconds into the fic. And he's great here, unforgiving, a bit dense, but still brave and earnest and just very Harry. This didn't stop me from rolling my eyes at Draco-who-suddenly-decides-that-families-are-for-the-weak, because as you're probably sick of hearing by now, I find that sort of scenario unbelievable given HBP -- unless there is a lot of exposition re: Draco's reasoning, but here there just wasn't enough for me to buy it. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually like italicised flashbacks, and I think they work well in this fic, so there. There are some minor technical issues, but they're not distracting -- some excess verbiage could use trimming off (e.g. I thought that detailed stuff about babies added nothing to the story). I could've done without the sex scene, tbh, because it didn't read like men going at it (aside from the cocks, that is) but then I remembered that it's the author's first fic. I say it's not bad. It has some of the inevitable beginner misses, but I'd like to see more Harry-centric fic from this author.

I like brooms, you like brooms by wook77 [PG]
Author's summary: It's been ten years since Harry had been to Diagon Alley. A chance encounter over brooms brings back memories and creates new ones.
My 2 cents: I have a serious plot kink for Harry and Draco meeting at/in front of Quality Quidditch Supplies, and I don't see much of it in fic, so that made me happy. The only critty bits I had were technical: the dialogue is somewhat over-written and there are some homophone errors (insure/ensure; sites/sights). Draco's entitlement complex and whiny petulance are fantastic; bitchy!Draco is my favourite kind. Overall, this feels like a very realistic future set-up for post-war H/D -- the backstory is handled very nicely without being overbearing, because the focus is on the action; I really like how well-paced this story is.

...And then they had mad sex by lunacy [PG-13]
Author's summary: None given. It's a crack!play in two scenes.
My 2 cents: I recced this the other day; it's hilarious, cracktastic, very meta and yet, in character.

Harry Potter's Betrayal by anon [PG-13 to R]
Author's summary: None given.
My 2 cents: You know, a lot of people say they dislike first-person POV but I'm not sure why. I mean, it's such a great way to be in a character's head, and when it's done as well as it is in this fic, I think it's vastly preferable to limited third-person, simply because you can't achieve that sort of effect with third-person, this sort of urgency of thought that's rational and at the same time chaotic. Though perhaps I've just been fortunate enough not to stumble across any really badly written first-person, I dunno. But yeah, the first-person POV really works here and Draco is absolutely perfect. There's just no other word for the way he's characterised. (<hair status="split">Aside from topping Harry, of course, but you knew this. It takes a lot for me to believe that Harry would let Draco top under "still-enemies" circumstances, and here we're not given Harry's perspective at all -- I'd glanced at the fic this is a remix of, but there was nothing there that convinced me, either. I agree with lunacy; Draco Malfoy will top Harry Potter when Muggle pigs fly. Having to write top!Draco for Reversathon made me sweat bullets and whine to everyone who'd listen for weeks. </hair>)

Let Go by anon [R]
Author's summary: Harry thinks he's going mad. Draco understands.
My 2 cents: it is Malfoy that is here with him at the end of all things put an image of Frodo!Harry and Sam!Draco in my head, because of what Frodo says to Sam at the end of the RotK film. Thus distracted by images of halfling!Harry-and-Draco with hairy feet (probably wholly unintended by the author >.>) I had to leave and come back to finish reading. Wow, you know, I'm usually not a fan of this sort of fic -- no dialogue, just thought and action -- but this works really well. The details like what's for dinner at Hogwarts on Wednesdays win you over, along with Harry's stubborn resistance that he knows is futile, and especially the quiet sense of hopelessness that lurks between the lines here.

August 25, 2006

Wasn't kissing by jamie2109 [PG]
Author's summary: Draco's eyes widen and his mouth drops open. He wants that cream. Unconsciously his own little pink tongue creeps out and flicks over his own lips. Without any more thought, Draco leans in and presses his lips to the corner of the boys mouth and pokes his tongue over the smear of cream, licking it up.
My 2 cents: You know, I'd normally have an issue with Draco referring to his own tongue as pink, or his own face as darkening, because normally people don't think of their own body parts in terms of their size/colour -- but this is ickle!Draco and it's believable that a child would still think about things in terms of colour/shape/size, whether they belong to the child himself or somebody else. I remember this being discussed on my flist sometime in the past month -- namely, POV strictness -- and here's a perfect example where what can be construed as a POV error actually works in favour of characterisation. Anyway, moving on -- this isn't really H/D, except for a very small glimpse at the end, but I have a total weakness for little Draco, especially when he's so adorably manipulative. *pinches his cheeks* The writing is expressive and engaging; I really liked this story.

August 26, 2006

White Room with Black Curtains by anon [unrated]
Author's summary: None given. The original fic (White Room with Black Curtains by kabal42) is summarised as: Everything is white and stark. But the summer rain smells like Harry's hair. I really like the original fic; it's so emotional and beautiful.
My 2 cents: The first half of this was very promising. I can tell the author worked really hard on it, and it does a brilliant job of giving the original a believable, canon-compliant backstory, but when Harry started saying things like "alright", "my dragon" and "baby" to Draco, I lost all ability to suspend disbelief.

Welcome to Wherever You Are by furiosity [R]
Author's summary: It surprises everyone but Draco Malfoy when he destroys Voldemort. As time goes on and the world doesn't stop, Harry begins to realise that maybe he's in for a few surprises himself. Features an unhealthy obsession with a famous TV line, a haunted house and too many drunk people.
My 2 cents: Oh, her again. I swear, I knew this was going to be one of hers because honestly, a SONG TITLE for the fic title? SHUT UP. IT'S NOT CLEVER. Yeah, let's give Draco awesome superpowers and that will fix everything! Except uh, not. What's up with the Ginny-bashing? Who is this wimptastic creature trailing after Harry? Where'd the hard blazing looks go? Paging canon, come in canon, over! Why hasn't anyone taken her keyboard away yet?
Tags: criticism, hd_prophet, meta:harry/draco
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