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where are my seventeen years

How stupid is Igor Karkaroff? He ostensibly runs away at some point after the end of GoF and is in hiding for a year. Then he's found dead in a shack somewhere IN ENGLAND. Wow, the seriously evil Dark dude who's hacked the fuck off at you for betraying him rises again... in England... and so you stay... in England. *facepalm* Why are Death Eaters so stupid? And why is everybody so afraid of them? Possibly because their stupidity might be contagious... They can't even use simple logic and run away to Siberia or Alaska or Papua New Guinea when they need to. The closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm? That worked out fine for the hobbits. ONCE. WTF, Igor? WTF? Or should I be saying WTF, JKR?

This random canon thought brought to you by extreme physical exhaustion. I think I've dropped about 10 pounds since we've started the renovations. If this keeps up, soon I'll be in danger of getting swept away by any wind stronger than 15 km/h :|

ETA: Reminder to self: do not meta when too tired to check the Lexicon.
Tags: fandom:hp, meta:canon
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