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[02:59] evilsource: I was just holding off to ask someone who'd seen it if it was worth the time to download
[03:00] furiosity: eh. gale is pretty
[03:00] evilsource: and by worth it I mean does Gale look hot enough to make up for the bad shit?
[03:00] furiosity: this chick comes onto kelton and he gets that look in his eyes like "bitch plz"
[03:00] evilsource: WIN
[03:01] furiosity: like, i can tell that he's looking at her thinking "wtf, hor, do you KNOW what i did for a living for 5 years :|"
[03:01] evilsource: *dead*
[03:01] furiosity: *pets gale*
[03:01] furiosity: yeah, i'm pretty much watching for the gale pretty
[03:01] evilsource: I might have to download after all
[03:01] furiosity: i give up on plot
[03:01] evilsource: well there's not much else to watch for!
[03:01] furiosity: like, dude
[03:02] evilsource: the writing sucks, the directing is mediocre and the other actors are made of wood. Cept the senator
[03:02] furiosity: there is a scene where the senator's aide says "omk we can't do this."
the senator turns around, all frustrated and angsty.
senator: "what?" *impatient*
[03:02] evilsource: oh Jesus *slaps them hard*
[03:02] evilsource: even Gale has been woody and not in that pleasant way
[03:02] furiosity: i like the pretty digital effects
[03:02] furiosity: but i'm a sucker for those
[03:03] evilsource: HAHA me too
[03:03] evilsource: the shiny gets me every time
[03:04] evilsource: They had a great idea and a good cast lined up. That's what eats me. They're wasting all the ingredients for a good show on this dreck
[03:04] furiosity: except it's not really that great of an idea
[03:04] furiosity: it's like a sad sad ripoff of the davinci code set in atlanta
[03:04] evilsource: Starting to look that way, yeah
[03:05] evilsource: I was hoping they'd find another angle to go with

...and that's all she wrote. Gale is pretty, but Vanished blows. Anyone else watching it? For the Gale pretty or otherwise? :D
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