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bright and early for the daily races

Oh dear Kinney, I forgot how much I loved QaF109. It's so the Emmett episode, man. *pets Emmett* I still laugh so hard when he tells Ted what to do in the end. *wipes a tear*

Also, is anyone else having trouble accessing GoDaddy's secure server? I go to the main (unsecured) page and it works fine, but when I try to click on any of the secure links, it keeps timing out. o.O It's been going on all weekend and I'm wondering if it's just me. Because you'd think they'd have fixed it already. I should prolly call them. ETA: Nevermind, it's working now. This is lending further support of my theory that things start working out for the best after you whine about them in your online journal. XD

Fic reviews [more info]; September 5 - September 10.

Chocolate by ravenna_c_tan [PG-13]
Author's summary: Chocolate makes a great gift.
My 2 cents: It's very well-written and detailed, but the backstory's rushed -- why's Draco a model citizen? What happened with almost killing Dumbledore and Harry's best friend? Why does a bookshop witch recommend that Harry wear a shirt? Wizards wear robes. What does he want from you? he asked himself. Whatever you do, don't ever admit that you wank off to thoughts of him in the shower. made me giggle, 'cause it's obviously an exposition device rather than a genuine-sounding thought. Inside, he found a Belgian witch forming truffles individually with deft swirls of her wand. -- how exactly can you tell a Belgian person from an English one? Basically, I spent so much time getting thrown out of the fic that I couldn't really appreciate the cuteness at the end.

Past Present Perfect by yodels [R]
Author's summary: Draco is woken up by Harry's thoughts.
My 2 cents: I quite liked this. It's established relationship but not the wtf? kind where you're wondering how the hell they got together -- there's just enough hinting at backstory.

Fragmentation by brixx [NC-17]
Author's summary: Sometimes Draco wonders how long it will be before the monster takes over.
My 2 cents: I read this despite the warning of almost non-con and I really shouldn't have. In most non-con fics I've read, a strong D/s element is present as well, and here it's no different. Except Harry's the sub. Which inevitably leads me to a frowny face. Yeah, yeah, I know that it's a legitimate view of Draco that he's a tortured soul and the dommiest dom in Domville. But I just don't see that boy when I read Draco in canon, so I'm pretty much guaranteed not to like a story where Draco dominates Harry and Harry takes it like a bitch.
Tags: criticism, hd_prophet, meta:harry/draco
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