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Fic reviews [more info]; September 18 - October 1.

From Another Perspective by kabeyk [NC-17]
Author's summary: Post-war slightly-insane Harry suddenly realising he might be gay and lusting loopily after various men, including Draco, who is annoying and desperate.
My 2 cents: This is awesome on a stick with pwn sauce. That is all. Harry is a bit unhinged but very recognisable, Draco is perfectly Draco, and the supporting cast is great. The only thing that didn't quite work for me is failure to explain Draco's sudden appearance (or go into detail about any specifics on why Percy is there and what Harry's work is, exactly), but I think that was intentionally done to avoid taking the focus off Harry.

Dangerous Proposal by blaithacs [R]
Author's summary: a chance reunion might not be what it seems...
My 2 cents: I really don't like it when people make the hero of the books into a blithering fool -- inexplicably -- just so Draco looks glamorously dangerous in comparison. Didn't like it, even apart from the punctuation problems.

Thirty-Six Days by star_dancer54 [PG-13]
Author's summary: It's been almost a month, twenty-eight days, since his lover left.
My 2 cents: I squinted a lot, but couldn't figure out why or how this is supposed to be Harry/Draco. Draco goes on a business trip, which causes Harry to mope around at home like a lovesick puppy. And compulsively do the laundry.
Tags: criticism, hd_prophet, meta:harry/draco
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