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Fic reviews [more info]; October 2 - October 8.

shades of good by snottygrrl [G]
Author's summary: what makes something or someone good? does it matter?
My 2 cents: This isn't really H/D -- the kiss at the end is neither explained nor led up to; it's really a set of drabbles that are essentially meta on the relativity of "good" -- they don't read like meta, though; the character voices are very well-done. I really liked this cos I ♥ genfic.

Better Left Unseen by blaithacs [NC-17]
Author's summary: When Ginny catches Harry and Draco in a compromising position, she thinks it's disgusting and perverted, but still she can't look away...
My 2 cents: I loathe Ginny and generally don't mind Ginny hate in fic, but here she's just over-the-top, plus she's so magical she can see a red glint in her own eyes. The story is overwritten, with POV whiplash, typos, punctuation errors, Americanisms, and characters calling each other "baby".

All Possible Worlds by gafna [R]
Author's summary: Harry and Draco inadvertently fall through a magic mirror that reveals more about them than they ever wanted to know, changing their relationship forever.
My 2 cents: I am not generally a fan of magic (potions, Time-Turner accidents, special devices) being used as an excuse to bring Harry and Draco together, but I gave this a chance, and I'm glad I did. It's clever without beating the reader over the head with its own cleverness, and quite well-written. I was kind of :S halfway through as there's no way to tell if Harry and Draco's daughter is the result of adoption or Mpregnancy. There are some canon errors, too, but I suppose you can't have everything.

A Night at the Pub by gauriel [NC-17]
Author's summary: Draco loses a bet – chicken wings, beer, and frottage ensue.
My 2 cents: I quit reading at the point where Harry felt like crying because Draco threatened him with sleeping alone. The POV whiplash didn't help, either.

Apropos of nothing, anyone know the English equivalent to the Russian saying "глаза боятся, а руки делают"? Is there one equivalent, even?
Tags: criticism, hd_prophet, meta:harry/draco
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