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HBP commentary, Part XX

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HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 21 -- The Unknowable Room

All this talk about Slughorn's memory is making me wonder more and more about Pensieves and how exactly they work. I mean, we've already established that JKR is no math whiz and definitely rusty on basic principles of genetics, but has she seriously given any thought to how Pensieve memory storage/retrieval actually operates? And what happens to the person to whom the memory belongs once it is removed? Inquiring minds. >.>

"Don't start, Hermione," said Harry. "If it hadn't been for the Prince, Ron wouldn't be sitting here now."
"He would if you'd just listened to Snape in our first year," said Hermione dismissively.

Foreshadowing FTW!

...and Harry is itching to try out an incantation that's For Enemies. It's somewhat surprising that he's itching to try it out (but doesn't because of Hermione), considering that he is in the Gryffindor common room. I wasn't aware that Harry had enemies in Gryffindor. Annoying people who interfere with the chest monster, maybe. But enemies? :P

I love that Hermione has achieved Apparition twice whilst Ron hasn't managed yet. What was that about "Hermione's magical ability is negligible and she learns everything from books", again?

but he did not care: Slughorn's memory was the most important thing to him now.
Aww. See Draco pout. Pout, Draco, pout! Don't worry, kiddo, he's back to obsessing over you by the end of this.

"There's only one way to force someone to do what you want, and that's the Imperius Curse, which is illegal" -- Hermione
That's a pretty unequivocal canon statement, isn't it? Considering it's coming from Hermione, who generally knows and is right about everything? Uhhhh, so how about... LOVE POTIONS? Harry could just feed Slughorn a love potion, and Slughorn, overcome with great and t00by love for Harry, would reveal the memory. Yeah, I know I'm on crack. >.>

I think this has interesting, hm, philosophical underpinnings -- though I'm not sure if "philosophical" is the right word. Hermione tells us that Dumbledore wants Harry to use a non-magical method of getting the memory from Slughorn. Why? Why use a mundane way of doing something when there is a magical alternative? Furthermore, why does Dumbledore insist on it -- I mean, Hermione isn't the only one who's figured out that Dumbledore could easily coerce Slughorn into giving up the memory (by using some sort of magic). Is he trying to teach Harry something, or is this just JKR's fun way of stretching out an already long book with an unnecessary plot contrivance? :P And if he is trying to teach Harry something... what exactly is that? That magic can't fix everything? Harry kind of knows that, though, seeing as his parents and Sirius are STILL DEAD and he already received that lecture anyway.

I don't care what anyone says, Roonil Wazlib will never stop being funny. <333 Ron.

"It's OK, we can fix it," said Hermione, pulling the essay towards her and taking out her wand.
Is this one of those examples where Hermione belittles Ron for everything and treats him like crap? Just checking. Because it sure doesn't look like that to me.

"Why don't you ditch her if you want to finish it?" asked Harry.
I love Harry for taking his own advice at the end of the book, btw. Just sayin. *stops getting ahead of self*

Hm, Hermione taps misspelled words with the "end" of her wand -- does that mean the end opposite the tip? That's interesting.

It's like going out with the Giant Squid.

"Master Malfoy moves with a nobility that befits his pure blood," croaked Kreacher at once. "His features recall the fine bones of my mistress and his manners are those of--"
Five Sickles says this is JKR making fun of the Slytherfen.

"Draco Malfoy is a bad boy!" squeaked Dobby angrily.
And this, I suspect, is JKR's indignant inner Draco-hater. It's really too bad that Dobby doesn't finish the sentence. I would really like to know all the terrible things Draco does in his free time before I decide he's bad to the bone, you know? Somehow, petty insults and attacks on the boy he resents for being famous don't quite paint a picture of evil and depravity, in my mind. "Not a good master to a house-elf" when applied to a kid who's never known real responsibility doesn't really strike me as "irredeemably appalling"...

"Master Malfoy eats in the Great Hall, he sleeps in a dormitory in the dungeons, he attends his classes in a variety of--"
Master Malfoy sleeps in a dormitory. That's D-O-R-M-I-T-O-R-Y. Not a special, private room. Just making sure we're all on the same page here.

Dobby says Draco hasn't been breaking rules. This suggests to me that he's wised up and become more careful since having been caught by Filch on the night of Slughorn's party.

Harry just smacked himself hard on the forehead with Advanced Potion-Making. OUCH. I'd been under the impression that this was a thick hardcover. Apparently not, or perhaps Harry's "hard-headedness" is canon in more ways than one.

Harry's openly talking about spying on Malfoy, in front of his best friends. Be still, my H/D fangirl heart. I think this is not the first time I've said that whilst reading this book.

Glad to hear that Hermione still feels no remorse for (permanently?) disfiguring Marietta Edgecombe. Snitches get stitches!

Adverbs are fuckin' rampant in this chapter. :|

Ron tries to mop up the ink he's spilled on his essay, whilst Hermione does it using her wand. What makes people say that Muggle-borns don't adjust to wizard life very well, I will never understand.

"God, I've been stupid," [Harry] said quietly.
"God". Not "Merlin" or "Godric". Just a by-the-by.

It's interesting that Crabbe and Goyle aren't looking happy (at least according to Ron, who I assume knows all about what they look like when they are happy *snort*) and that Crabbe seems to be demanding to know what Malfoy is doing. Why the sudden change? I mean, in the previous books, Vince and Greg are cronies who do Draco's bidding, nothing more. Is it the indignity of having to turn into girls? Or has Crabbe at least grown a brain? Inquiring minds...

Bwah, I love Hermione. "But, Harry, before you get all excited [...]"
I can just see her wanting to pet him fondly and pinch his cheeks.

In response to Harry's demanding, "what do you think?" re: Malfoy, Ron has this to contribute:
Wish I could Disapparate like a house-elf.
I LOVE RON, OMG! XD Boy's got his priorities straight.

Harry lay awake for hours, thinking about Malfoy. Oh, H/D. I wish I knew how to quit you. AND THEN HE DREAMS OF MALFOY TOO. Then Malfoy turns into Slughorn, and THEN into Snape. How can anyone say Harry doesn't secretly like Slythercock, after all this? XP

Hermione's still subscribing to the Daily Prophet. Not sure if this came up before, but interesting.

Mundungus impersonated an Inferius during an attempted burglary, lmfao. I'm sorry, I know it's supposed to be horrible, but it's just so funny.

I want to know who Octavius Pepper is, and I also want to know the surname of the nine-year-old boy who ostensibly tried to kill his grandparents. An interesting thing, that nine-year-olds, who aren't even allowed wands and don't know any magic, can actually be arrested under wizarding law. And if they think he's under the Imperius Curse, why arrest him? Is it normal that nine-year-old boys can get arrested in the wizarding world, or are we close to Aurors being permitted to use Unforgivables on Death Eaters once more? :\

I need to see the place where Malfoy keeps coming secretly... [...] I need to see what Draco Malfoy is doing inside you

Harry swore.
I bet you anything he didn't say "gosh darn" or "gee willikers" when he did that. *pets foul-mouth!Harry*

I love the Snape snark during the DADA lesson. "Yes, it is easy to see that nearly six years of magical education have not been wasted on you, Potter. Ghosts are transparent."

Ron's all kinds of awesome, too. "Excuse me, are you the imprint of a departed soul?" Take that, bat-breath! Too bad bat-breath can actually take points from Gryffindor. XD

Harry's planning to do the Apparition test over the summer at this point. I wonder if that plan's going to change now that he's all heroic and setting off to hunt for Horcruxes.

Myrtle picks at a spot on her chin... um. Ghosts can have spots?

Get this, Draco actually said he'd go back and visit Myrtle. At least according to Myrtle. There's nothing in here, however, suggesting Draco's supposed hotness. She keeps going on about how she thinks he liked her, that they had lots in common, and that he's sensitive, peole bully him, he feels lonely, and he isn't afraid to show his feelings and cry. Not once does she say anything resembling "he's hot". I'm just saying.

That aside, I REALLY would like to see those conversations, because, you know. It's not out of character for Draco to whine, precisely, but to reveal so much of what he feels -- to a ghost? What does that say about Draco's relationship with Pansy, and what does it say about his friendships? Though I think it's likelier that he made something up, because I sincerely doubt Myrtle would be very sympathetic about someone who was trying to do something for THE MAN WHO MURDERED HER. Then again, we don't know if Myrtle knows that Voldemort was responsible for her death. Hmm.

I don't really like it that making a ghost girl lose her shit gives Ron so much "fresh heart". :\ For shame, Ron.

Slughorn listens to a gramophone in his office. I wonder what sort of music he listens to. Surely not the Weird Sisters or Celestina Warbeck? The subject of wizarding music appears to be rather unploughed in canon.

Another interesting tidbit about life at Hogwarts: students do actually spend most of their time in their common rooms; Sunday morning sees them just there, with a few people meandering around but mostly people hang out in the common rooms. It's really too bad that we don't get to experience Hogwarts from the point of view of a regular student, 'cause Harry constantly seems to be all over the place, ditto Ron and Hermione. I mean, what do they do, besides study? Listen to Celestina Warbeck on gramophones?

If Goyle's guarding the Room of Requirement on his own, does that mean Crabbe is in Hogsmeade practising Apparition? That would mean Crabbe's birthday is before April 21st (that's the date of the Apparition test that was mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, and only students who turn 17 before that day may take the extra practice lessons).

He waited until he was right behind her before bending very low and whispering, "Hello ... you're very pretty, aren't you?"

Knowing Malfoy is standing helplessly behind the RoR wall gives Harry a "most agreeable" feeling of power.

I love that Harry finally loses his shit and kicks the damn wall. I mean, how awesome is that? XD

"What're you doing here?" he said
Asked. Not said. A question mark means that a question is being asked. Honestly, how hard is that to keep straight? *facepalm*

Enter mopey!Tonks aka possibly Imperiused!Tonks aka lovesick!Tonks aka NO ONE HAS ANY BLOODY CLUE WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THIS WOMAN. D:

Since Sirius, no one from the Order writes to Harry anymore. Because as we all remember, they used to write him weekly before Sirius died. o.O Except, you know. Not. Buh?

I wonder if Draco knew it was Harry outside the Room of Requirement, btw. I mean, by rights he shouldn't know, since, well. He's inside, and he can't risk peeking outside to see who it is. But maybe he told the Room to make a one-way window or something. And that would mean that Draco was sitting outside the window, watching Harry's futile efforts to get inside, possibly even blocking him -- i.e. telling the Room not to let anyone in under any circumstances. And possibly having a good laugh when Harry kicked the wall. *pets Draco* We've all got to create our own entertainment somehow.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians! :D
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