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Beta Appreciation Day

To everyone who's ever beta-read for me -- accio_draco, alittlewhisper, annephoenix, ariesathena, cornmouse, best_of_five, mereol, ryogrande, delaria, donnaimmaculata, elinevere, evilsource, yamapea, galaxynumber5, goneril, imadra_blue, jamie2109, kriken, lauriegilbert, lexique, luxuria, mellafe, much_reality, oddnari, pen_and_umbra, pikacharma, pir8fancier, shikishi, tangleofthorns, therealw (I hope I didn't forget anyone; if I did, I apologise in advance ._.) -- and to everyone who's ever left me constructive criticism.

To anyone who's ever watched hp_betas or any other beta-reading comm on LJ and volunteered to help even though you had no idea what you were getting yourself into.

To anyone who's ever reviewed stories at places like realreview, crit_sans_lube or anon_concrit:


And, of course, happy Twat Fieday (Friday the 13th) to everyone else. :D
Tags: fandom, writing
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