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with the shit it's new gimmicks, its just blood in and blood out

0001 - I read just two fics this week, so I'll put those reviews into next week's batch. And no, the one set in America is not one of them, in case you're wondering -- I know it's created a huge whoop in fandom this week, but I when I see pure fanon in a fic's title, I run away. Which I'd have probably overlooked due to the collective squee, but all the recs I've read for it are all "omgcute!" and *warmfuzzies* and well. H/D is pretty much the opposite of warmfuzzies in my head; I like it that way.

H/D for me is about desperation, obsession, jealousy, resentment, anger, confusion, and denial slowly giving way to respect and maybe even love, but never do the things on that first list disappear completely; they're the reason the boys would even be interested in each other, to my mind. It's why H/D is so fucking tragic, ultimately -- "I love you despite (the bad things) but I can never completely accept you" -- and it's what makes it unique for me; if those negative emotions disappear, well, it's no different than any old pairing.

I realise this isn't everyone's opinion, but it is mine. If it changes one day, so be it, but it is not this day. So if the latest "it" fic sounds like the sort of thing I don't enjoy, I'm not going to read it. When I don't read a fic, that says nothing about the fic other than that I decided it would not be my cup of tea, which means precisely nothing beyond that. I wouldn't even be babbling about this if it weren't for this conversation with a friend who asked to remain nameless:

[23:49] friend: So have you read it?
[23:51] me: nope. if the title is 30% fanon cliche that i happen to hate, i can only imagine what's going to be in the fic.
[23:51] friend: But it's gooooood T_T
[23:51] me: i don't doubt it! but no.
[23:51] me: one who doesn't like teh fluffeh? :P
[23:52] friend: It's not exactly fluff! I wish you'd say why you don't read. That way I won't rec you stuff and be spurned D:
[23:52] me: :P
[23:52] friend: Maybe you should say that in your reviews
[23:53] me: what do you mean?
[23:54] friend: For the fics you don't end up reading, list reasons why you didn't
[23:54] me: oh yeah, and be accused of oppression/babies with aids/global warming again. no, thanks. i can tell you my reasons if you want. XD
[23:54] friend: It might be interesting to more ppls than me?
[23:54] me: no one's asked before
[23:54] friend: Poll it!
[23:55] me: hahaha, i tried that once already, remember? XP
[23:55] friend: Do it for me XDDDD
[23:55] me: o rly? so next week, i'll put "and here's why i didn't read fics xyz -- this is for [friend] who thought it a grand idea"
[23:55] friend: NO >.>
[23:56] me: well that's settled then
[23:56] friend: You're mean :(
[23:56] me: that's why you love me
[23:57] friend: I still think it could be cool
[23:59] me: why? this is even mroe subjective than the reviews themselves. why would it be interesting to anyone but me? and your "tell me so i don't rec you stuff you won't like" is pretty much all about me, too. i don't mind telling you. i just don't see how it's useful to any other reader but myself. stuff about the fic is based on the fic itself. what makes me read the fic? not necessarily about the fic.
[00:00] friend: I hate you and your logic D:
[00:00] me: onoz ;_;
[00:01] friend: Well what if people have wondered but just didn't ask you? LIke this fic. Pimped all over fandom. Do you think no one will wonder why you skipped it?
[00:02] me: i assume that if someone rly wants to know, they will ask me. kind of like you just did :P
[00:02] friend: IHU D:

...FTR, no, I will not make a habit of saying why I didn't read this fic or that; I feel it would be completely useless and a good deal closer to the anti-reccing that people were concerned about back in the summer. I mean, sometimes my reason for not reading is a misspelling in the header, and sometimes it's "needs more cowbell" (because it's just that kind of day). But, also FTR, if you are ever wondering why I didn't read this fic or that, you are more than welcome to ask me; I'll never refuse to answer.

0010 - On the last Slashcast during the Snarry discussion, someone (DJ? Was it you?) made a reference to Draco "throwing around Crucios". Uhh. If he were casting Cruciatus on everyone who got in his way, I'd agree with that observation. But that one failed attempt is hardly an example of anyone "throwing" anything "around". It was a reaction to one of Draco's least favourite people catching him during a moment of emotional/personal weakness, something that has never happened before. Don't get me wrong, I don't think "Draco's a misunderstood little woobie and he wuz just tryin to help his parents lolz, so it's OK that he nearly killed Katie and Ron, hee!" I don't think that at all -- the things he did were awful even without express intent to murder Katie or Ron, but the things Draco does in HBP are just not enough, logically, to stamp him with "irredeemably evil".

An irredeemably evil person would not have lowered his wand at the top of the Astronomy Tower, thx. And no, I don't buy into "he was just thinking about Dumbledore's offer for a second, he wuz gunna kill him anywayz!"... this is Draco Malfoy we're talking about here, Mr. "let's dress up as Dementors and scare Potty to death, huzzah!" He's not exactly King of Clear Thought and Manipulation when cornered/scared. Plus, he's sixteen, and his mostly inept misdeeds kind of pale in comparison if you consider that at Draco's age or younger, Snape (that paragon of virtue) was inventing spells to make people bleed. -_- I can understand "I see Draco as evil"; that's fine. But that's not the same thing as "it's canon that Draco is evil".

0011 - *pets Draco* Poor thing. You just can't win; you're either a hysterical princess or a borderline sociopath.

0100 - So, tell me your thoughts on yaoi pie.
Tags: criticism, draco malfoy, meta:canon, meta:fandom
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