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0001 - Who is the nonny who sent the goat pumpkin?! I want to hug you! ♥

0010 - Laptops Searched and Confiscated at U.S. Border. I'm not entirely sure how pervasive this is, but the NYTimes article linked from there (requires free subscription to view) provides some detail on the legal issues involved and it seems like border patrol-type people have the right to inspect the contents of laptops even without reasonable suspicion.

0011 - BitTorrent Site Admin Sent To Prison for criminal copyright infringement. Well, we all knew it was a matter of time before all this started, right? Torrent servers don't have "safe harbour" rights like YouTube and other places that physically host content. So yeah.

0100 - I was washing the dishes just now and started thinking about characters -- specifically those who are less-than-nice, in canon. I realised that the way I write Draco, he certainly seems a lot nicer than he is in canon. Like, he still does mean things but it doesn't seem as evil when I'm writing from Draco's POV than when his behaviour is seen by someone else, like Harry or Ron. Because I assume that most of the time, people have at least somewhat rational reasons for behaving the way they do, and so when I write, I try to come up with reasons for Draco to act this way or that, without turning him into a tame version of himself.

And in my head, I can't really justify his confrontational and, well, mean behaviour in any way other than "wanting to seem better than others/get the upper hand" -- I can't assume he's motivated by pure malice because it strikes me as farcical, really... I mean, what kind of person sits there and thinks "I'm going to say/do something mean just to hurt that person and for no other reason!" (besides a James Bond-type villain, that is)? Maybe it's just not something I've ever experienced -- I've said and done things just to hurt others, but not without other reasons (usually prior provocation/enmity), not just because I wanted to cause pain. I've also lashed out in anger, certainly, but I think angry!wanting-to-hurt-someone is different from wanting to hurt someone because you find it amusing/pleasant. It isn't any better, because people are still hurt as a result, but anger is usually caused by something, and anger is rarely rational. I'm not saying that truly malicious people don't exist; it's just not a motivation that I can really understand. And so my Draco ends up considerably less vile than his canon counterpart. I don't like nice!Draco, but I don't like evil!Draco, either.

The way JKR talks about Draco, especially with that whole "he is not a nice man" tidbit from the Melissa/Emerson interview -- it seems like she intends him to come across as a cruel person who hurts others just 'cause he can. That he gets off on others' pain, in other words. I suppose I can't accept that that's all there is to him, though. :\ It seems like if he were really that sociopathic, he'd have killed Dumbledore without hesitation, no? If he's driven by nothing but a desire for power and calculating malice, I don't see why he would even hesitate, let alone lower his wand.

I suppose my point is that if Draco is really all malice, all the time, then Harry/Draco as a ship becomes pretty much impossible unless Harry has a psychopath fetish. *eyes Tom/Harry shippers with interest*

0101 - But as a follow-up to the above -- I was reading through comments in one of the harrydraco discussions from this week and saw someone claim that Harry is a nice guy. And my first thought was O RLY? I've known quite a few nice guys. Harry wouldn't fit in amongst them. Unless someone Harry loves is in need of saving, he's really quite self-absorbed. I mean, just off the top of my head, his first thought at the idea of Ron/Hermione is how it's going to affect him -- and that's just one example from the most recent book. Generally, he's not concerned with the well-being of others if they're not a friend in distress. He doesn't exactly go out of his way to do kind/nice things -- not that he never does, but it's not a consistent character trait. He doesn't default to nice behaviour, in other words, at least not in the books I'm reading. There's no doubt that he's one of the good guys; his heart's in the right place and he wants to do good things and be a good person, but nice? Um, no. Neville is a nice guy. Harry is not. As much as I don't like totally de-clawed!Draco, I can't stand de-clawed!Harry even more. As usual: YMMV, my opinion, agreement strictly optional, etc etc.

0110 - Well, and since I'm on a roll here, that character meme everyone's done already:

Comment to this post with a character from one of my fandoms and I'll tell you why I love or hate them.
(I'm removing the "no less than 100 words" rule because brevity is good. I'll do a post with all of them after the weekend.)

Fandoms: Harry Potter (books), The Matrix, Lord of the Rings (books), Queer as Folk (US), Dragonlance, A Song of Ice and Fire, Wheel of Time, anything William Gibson has ever written.

0111 - Apropos of none of the above, I was reading this article about six-word stories, inspired by Hemingway's "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." story (which he reportedly called his best work). I wonder if that was the inspiration for Xzibit's Double Time lyric, "For sale: one female, slightly dented." These are the things I think about in the early afternoon.
Tags: draco malfoy, fandom:hp, meme, meta:canon, meta:harry/draco, politics, privacy
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