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is he rich like me

Wow, Phil. That was not unexpected -- he did well during Country Week (even if I think he's creepy), and this week was pretty much the best vocal performance of his whole AI career, I think.

I thought Jordin made a mess of things. That song is so, so famous and it was so, so well done originally that this version just totally made me go o.O. Rock is not Jordin's genre at all. I thought it was absolutely painful.

LaKisha looked like she was trying to take a dump on the stage. *ducks flying objects* Oh yeah, and she sang VERY well! >.>

OMFG BLAKE LEWIS. BLAKE. LEWIS. Dude. I don't care if he doesn't win American Idol; within a year, he'll have a record out and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. He's got originality, guts, spirit. If there's one reason I'm glad I began to watch AI this year, it's discovering Blake Lewis. Likeomg. :>

Chris lacked conviction, looked like he was in pain, and paled in comparison to the original. I don't know what Paula and Randy are on, man. That was not so great at all. Though he is kinda hot when he's all angsty and constipated.

Melinda was absolutely fantastic. It makes me so happy to see her own the stage every. Single. Week. She's got such a presence and such an amazing, versatile voice. I think at this point, Blake and Melinda have shown themselves to be the most capable performers on this show. Everyone else is kinda trying (and trying very hard), but these two were made for the stage.

As for the final segment with Mr and Mrs President: o.O wow wtf.

BUT ALSO OMFG BON JOVI. I DON'T CARE, I LOVE BON JOVI!!! And he's still a hottie. :>
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