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but it takes you years to know what love is

Jordin didn't really impress me tonight -- yeah, she's an awesome singer, but I thought it was pretty obvious that she chose I Who Have Nothing because it was such a smashing success the first time she sang it on the show. I mean, that song is really not her -- she always talks about being an excitable spazball, and that song is definitely not the stuff spazballing is made of. There's nothing wrong with being an excitable spazball, though, and I agreed with Simon when he said she ought to have chosen something more contemporary. I for one would have loved to see her take on Mmmbop, since she's just finished saying it's one of her all-time favourite songs. Anyway, yeah, she was great. But not great enough for me. :P

As for Blake, I have just one thing to say. OMFG BLAKE AND SIR MIX-A-LOT ON STAGE TOGETHER SAKL;DFJASDKL;JFJKASDLFJKL;ASDJKLASDFJ!!!! Well, I can also say that to be perfectly honest, I thought his performances tonight were forgettable, by and large, both in terms of vocals and in terms of stage presence. It actually almost feels like he's already outgrown singing other people's material and is ready to move on to make records of his own stuff. I hope he makes it through to next week if only because we'll get to see him again. :D

Melinda was flawless as usual and honestly I'll be surprised if she doesn't win.

Wow, is it going to be tough or what?
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