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when the sun shines, we’ll shine together

So, lauriegilbert and I went to a PFLAG Toronto fundraiser at Woody's tonight. PFLAG is the honoured guest at this year's Pride (they'll be leading the parade), and they were raising money for that as well as for continued support in their work with families of GLBT folk. There was music, a really tiny smoking patio out back which had a huge puddle right near the door, lots of shouting, and a drag queen show! And yes, this is the same Woody's featured in QaF(US), even though we didn't really take any pictures in the area that was mostly used as the set -- all the PFLAG stuff was happening near the back, by the pool table.

PFLAG @ Woody's

One of the bar stands:
Bar at Woody's

Woody's signature rhino head:

And a front-and-centre shot of the head (please ignore the angle; all pictures I've ever taken look like they were shot by a very drunk or very uncoordinated person. I was not drunk.)

Ladies and gents, I give you Big Red Cock:
Big red cock

And even more Big Red Cock:
Big red cock


lauriegilbert's drink of choice! I was drinking Coke, which was very boring but I got it for free after informing the barman that I was the Designated Dumbass. XD

lauriegilbert's umbrella, which she bought at Dollarama on our way there (we were caught in a downpour walking from my car to Woody's). By the way, hon, you forgot your umbrella at Woody's. >.> :S

And the best mousetrap evar:
No photos of the show, unfortunately, because they weren't allowing people to take photos during the show. But it was fabulous! I want to be a drag queen when I grow up. :D I cannot wait for Pride. :D
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