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I don't even watch these comms, but

pornish_pixies. The maintainer hasn't heard from the Abuse team. Yet? ETA the Kindly Uncle: Update on the PP situation.

What happened to "LJ will never suspend without warning/notice"? Apparently, that's a rumour too, because I can see why they'd need to suspend a journal before they investigate.

ETA: Just FYI, daily_deviant, unlike PP, was not suspended by LJ; it was temporarily deleted by its maintainers until the coast clears.

Cousin of ETA: catrinella has a comprehensive resource post on the issue.

That rumour half the fandom took seriously and half didn't? Partially true. (Thanks, delaria and alittlewhisper). I knew it had to be, because the journal I first read it on was definitely not someone who's prone to fannish meltdowns over every little thing. However, it's still a relief that this crap isn't aimed at fandom specifically.

Third Rock from the ETA: Fiction is not illegal.
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