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fourth_rose said it first, and I'm going to repeat it:

Guys, please stop linking to Wankers For Ineptitude. People who click on that link leave a trail on WFI's server stats, leading WFI straight to your journal -- or, if you leave a link in a comment, to the journal where you're leaving a comment. Their server has logging software installed which, among other things like your IP address, browser, and operating system, saves the "referer", which is basically the full address of the web page that linked to WFI. In this case, your LJ entry. Unless you really want them reading your journal? (And please be assured that they will, since they don't seem to have anything better to do with their time than get off on all the attention this has got them.) If someone wants to visit their site, the "organisation" is easily Google-able. ETA the Bastard Child: If you must link, at least anonymise it using a service like or (thanks for the reminder, anansay).

*gnashes teeth* And just as a heads-up; I will screen any comments in my lj that contain links to WFI, because I really don't want these nutjobs anywhere near me. I avoid fanatical people as a rule, and this goes double for fanatical Confederate Flag-waving, immigrant-hating crazies.

This still applies if your entry is flocked - they might not be able to see the individual entry, but they can see the rest of your LJ.

ETA How Much Fandom Pays Into LJ
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