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have you seen my wife, mr. jones?

I'll admit that Strikethrough 2007 was emotionally draining for me, because it brought back some extremely unpleasant memories from a similar event in the Matrix fandom. One day, I was reading some amazing insights and discussing the film and our community with other fen; the next day, all those discussions were gone and I was resigning in protest from my semi-official moderator position (along with another woman who co-modded; this was at the now-defunct AcmeCity Matrix board and we were 'community leaders' appointed by WB staff). Three days later, our sister forum at the central WB site lost everything, too.

If there's one thing I have difficulty coping with, it's feeling helpless and being unable to do anything to fix a problem. I remember sitting in my uni's computer lab, skipping my stats class, and just kind of staring at the screen and not knowing what to do. Being a part of that community was a big deal to me, and having lost the core of what the community was about (the discussions) almost felt like losing the community itself. We moved on, we persevered, and built a bigger, better community of our own which was active for much longer than the official board, but even now I try to avoid remembering that feeling of complete helplessness and utterly impotent rage. Because it wasn't just WB's space, it was our space, those were our thoughts, our creative efforts, our friendships and our community.

When LJ reinstated all those comms earlier this week, my knee-jerk reaction was to breathe a sigh of relief and try and put it behind me. To be honest with you, I did not think they were going to do it, so seeing them actually do it was such a weight off my chest that I chose to ignore the outstanding question marks and move on. But there has been no answer regarding the discrepancy between what was said to c|net and what was said in news regarding the reason for the initial deletion. People have speculated on reasons, some perfectly innocent like "he was caught off guard and just gave a standard blurb response", others not so much. But no one has officially addressed the question, and the silence is making my internal warning beep to go off something crazy. It still bothers me, and I can't move on. Not after having read this and this. And this is where I stand on the issue: I don't believe fandom is "safe" on LJ for ever and ever, but I believe it should be, and I intend to fight for it.

Anyway, I have BP28 ("So This Is Good-bye") to write; see you on the flip side.
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