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and the livin' is easy

Okay, so there are at least 24 of you who want to do the alternafeast thingy at Prophecy.

I was thinking about reserving at Richtree (formerly Marché), which is a market-style restaurant where you pick whatever you like and they prepare it right in front of you. It's not quite a buffet -- you can't pick a little bit of everything; you've got to decide what you want and order knowing that you'll get a full-sized portion.

There are three locations all fairly close to the con hotel, their food is excellent (Richtree is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly) and their prices are reasonable -- not super-cheap, but it certainly will not cost $60USD per person for a bowl of mystery meat brown stew and some wilted lettuce like it did at Lumos. Their catering menus should give you an idea about pricing. The way it works is you get a swipe-card at the entrance, and every time you order something, it gets recorded onto your card, which is what's used to determine your final total. I would say anywhere from $15-$30, maybe $40 (CAD), depending on how hungry you are and how much you can eat.

And so, a poll! No ticky boxes this time, because llama's going to win anyway.

Poll #998780 Richtree Y/N

Should we go with Richtree?

Yes! Sounds good to me!
No! I want something else and I will comment with what it is!
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