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HBP commentary, Part XXII

[02:10] furiosity: i will have to respond to them, but not tonight. bran is fried. i'm going to make my soup, eat it, have a smoke, and slep
[02:10] furiosity: sleep*
[02:10] furiosity: brain*
[02:10] evilsource: BRAN
[02:10] evilsource: Mweeeeeee
[02:10] furiosity: see what i mean
[02:10] imadra_blue: fried bran. is that like fried oats?
[02:11] furiosity: no, fried Gryffindors.

HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 23 - Horcruxes

I totally love the ghosts' rumour mill. There should be more voyeur!ghost fic, because clearly those dudes know ALL that goes on in the secret nooks & crannies at Hogwarts.

Harry's chest is blazing with excitement! How fantastic! Maybe that'll incinerate the goddamn monster. Curiously, his chest is once again blazing at the end of the chapter, only this time with like, pride and stuff. That poor boy's going to need a lot of Pepto-Bismol by the time this book is over. I'm just sayin'.

The password is tapeworm. JKR is a House fan, Y/N?

I have always wondered why Riddle didn't content himself with being the Minister for Magic. I mean, if you think about it logically, he could have had a much better shot at ruling the world from a legitimate position of power. Then again, I tend to ascribe far more intelligence to canon Slytherins than what they actually possess. >.>

And you know, I just realised. Tom Riddle is totally fanon!Draco. Come on -- he's cool, handsome, clearly the leader -- everyone seems to look up to him, not just Crabbe and Goyle, who aren't known for their intelligence. Canon Draco pales in comparison to Tom. Coincidence?

Oh hey, newsflash! Slughorn's fingers are thick. lol fatty, stop eating crystallised pineapple and get some exercise! Seriously, did she not get SICK of repeating herself?

Harry's had too much experience trying to wheedle information out of reluctant people. Um, like who, besides Slughorn? Overidentifying with the evil dude much, Harry? XD

Dumbledore's particularly fierce about it, says memory!Slughorn. Um, why would he care? Dumbledore wasn't the Headmaster then; he was just the Transfiguration professor. Slughorn seems to be the sort of man who puts a lot of faith in titles and status; why would he worry about a fellow teacher?

Just randomly, I love how back in PS, we were told that wizards + logic =/= OTP, and yet now we're talking about genetics, and evidence, and every "positive" hero seems to be pretty darn logical most of the time.

I wonder how the Horcrux-creating mechanism works. I mean, we are told that killing rips the soul apart -- but how much? Does it rip it in two, and then each successive Horcrux is just half of the previous half? Or is there some kind of predetermined soul piece size set aside just in case the soul's owner decides to make Horcruxes? I'm reading way too much into this, aren't I? I'll stop now. >.>

This whole exchange read so forced, by the way -- Dumbledore's just going off on these huge "as you know, Bob" monologues and Harry keeps saying he doesn't understand. By the third time he said it, I'm thinking, who are you and what have you done with Harry Potter? He's not that dumb.

That seventh piece of soul will be the last that anybody wishing to kill Voldemort must attack -- the piece that lives in his body.
Um, why? If they're all pieces of his soul and they're all contributing to him staying alive, why does it matter which is destroyed last and which is destroyed first? I sincerely hope that DH is going to provide an actual explanation for this. Though knowing JKR, this is probably all the explanation we're going to get. The showdown between Harry and Voldiekins must happen last, and therefore she said so. Gnargh.

I mean, back when Voldywobbles' AK first backfired, everyone assumed he was dead. So let's say Harry goes and destroys all the things he believes to be Horcruxes, and then offs Voldierabbit. How is *anyone* going to know that another piece of his soul isn't hanging out in an attic somewhere, waiting for a Chihuahua to come along so that he may possess it? Why the fuck does the order matter?

Though this also made me remember what was said about ghosts in OotP -- that they're dead 'uns who were unwilling to cross over. Considering how intent Voldiequeen is on immortality, I'd say he's a prime candidate for not crossing over. So he'll haunt Hogwarts forever, ahahahaha. Maybe he can team up with Peeves; I bet Peeves would like that.

Harry is such a chess piece in this chapter -- he's only used to nudge Dumbledore's explanations along. And if he uses another exclamation point or question mark, I'm going to have to choke a bitch.

I have to wonder why relics of the Founders are so rare. I mean, they were people, they founded the school. The wizarding world carried on since then (as in, this is not an "old home planet" we're examining here. There always seems to have been reverence for the founders of Hogwarts -- so I really wonder why their families and historians and suchlike didn't keep track of their things better. Of course, that would be the logical thing to do.... but wizards aren't supposed to be logical. Unless it suits the occasion!


Yay Phineas Nigellus! [/random fangirl moment]

I really want to know how Dumbledore knows everything about Voldemort's orders to Lucius. I mean, is this stuff he just reasoned out based on his vast reserves of knowledge? Or has a certain (female) member of the Malfoy family gone to more than just Snape for aid? ;D

Never forget, though, that while his soul may be damaged beyond repair, his brain and his magical power remain intact.
Um, how does he figure? That isn't Voldemort's original brain; it's an ugly baby's brain. :P

Harry remains pure of heart. Just as innocent a little lamb as he was at eleven! *cough*Sectumsempra!*cough* What? What was that? Oh, no, of course that wasn't the least bit malicious! He was only trying a nifty little spell; he didn't know it would be seriously harmful! I mean, it said "for enemies" and everything, but how was Harry to know that it wouldn't just make his enemies' toenails grow unusually large? Because of course making people you don't like grow unusually large toenails is not malicious in the slightest -- they deserve it. It's pure-hearted and noble to want to make your enemies suffer.

Yeah, yeah, I know. lol Slytherfan. I suppose I am, at that. XD
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