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i like the way you move

Pride Parade rocked! I went with cjmarlowe, lauriegilbert, nimori, and a few others; we had brunch at Fran's before planting ourselves on the corner of Yonge & College to watch the parade. Pics here. No witty descriptions and titles; just a photo dump, basically, with 234 pics. Videos here and here.

Gay Geeks numbered in the single digits, but one of them did carry a poster that said that her fandom has morse code porn. Tracey's battery was already dead at that point and I didn't get a photo.


Let's march next year, fandom. Seriously; let's team up with Gay Geeks and do it. All fandoms, all ages. I'll totally wear my Slytherin robes and wizard hat. And nothing else. The below poll is obviously geared at locals (GTA/Southern Ontario folk), but if for whatever reason you anticipate that you'll be in town for Pride next year, you're welcome!

Poll #1009397 Proud As Fandom 2008

Next year's LGBT pride parade in Toronto. Are you in?

omg, sign me up! I'll totally dress up and/or carry a banner for great justice!
i would be if I lived there!
um, no, thanks, that's weird even for me.
something else!
...where are the ticky boxes? :|

...and now I return to my regularly scheduled activity also known as "finishing Reversathon fic". HAPPY PRIDE! :D
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