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i suck at summerys so sew me

painless_j has a great post on fic titles here. Food for thought!

I have no intelligent additions, but I would like to know -- aside from "it should use proper grammar and spelling", what do you think makes a good fic summary? Should it:
  • explain the plot?
  • only give a teaser of the plot?
  • quote a line from the fic that you think is particularly reflective of what the fic is about?
  • contain a laundry list of things appearing in the fic?
  • contain a list of things completely unrelated to the fic?
  • involve pie in some way?
  • be a mini-story (1-5 sentences) of its own?
  • be short or long?
  • ...etc?
Conversely, what do you hate seeing in fic summaries? Lyrics? Fic lines? Spoilers for the fic? Gratuitous cat macros? Llamas? Beginnings of "in which" or "wherein"? Etc?

Tags: meta:fan fiction
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