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he took a duck in the face at two hundred and fifty knots

So yesterday, instead of doing anything marginally productive, I parked myself in front of my TV and watched LotR whilst sewing the patch onto my Slytherin robes. *\o/* It's been one of those "yahhh I should really do it one of these days" things since Lumos, so I'm proud that it took me slightly less than a year to actually do it. Today, I shall organise my bookshelf.

I have just bought 12 new books. It's really quite obscene that I end up spending less by shopping at Amazon US than I spend after walking into a local Chapters. Even with shipping costs, I pay less per book when I buy a bunch at a time than I would pay at Canadian chain. Hi, Canada? Our dollar's much stronger these days? It has been for months? Give me an incentive to shop locally, kthx. And I'm talking about cold hard cash-shaped incentives, not "zomg support Canadian economiez!1".

Anyway, I have seen this meme everywhere and I haven't done it for years and aw fuck it, I cave.

1. Tell me something to take a picture of.
2. I will take said photo and post it to my journal.
3. It will be fantastic.

Requests so far: Slytherin robes, favourite coffee cup, bookshelf, favourite place to write, something in my general vicinity that either makes me smile or annoys me to no end, the inside of my fridge, my favourite outfit, a place I like to go for walks, my bed, Uglydog, a messy pile, my hair care produts, my favourite trinket, really cool shoes, my trash can, my calendar, my wardrobe.

I won't take photos of other people or things that reveal personally identifying information about me or anyone else. Also, I will not take my clothes off. XP Other than those, all's fair game, though if for whatever reason I can't/won't fulfill your request, I will tell you and you can request something else. :)

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