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i'm 28, they're gon' take you 'fore they take me

Happy birthday to grrliz, shaggydogstail, anyone else who celebrates their birthday today, and, of course Sirius Black! XD

Sign seen on the back of a tractor trailer on the drive in this morning: Marinated Cowboy Steaks.

Mmm, manflesh.

Though the one I saw Monday, on the back of one of those lunch trucks that come round to factories and repair shops, takes the, uh, cake: We serve only the best - our Customers!

Stephen King, eat your heart out.

... Ok, I'll stop being horrid now. >.>

Going out to see OotP tonight with a couple of non-fandom friends, and then for ice cream with hopefully some fandom friends joining. :>

anasuede, cornmouse, gossymer, imadra_blue, karaz -- thank you so much for the gifties! ♥
Tags: birthday
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