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HBP commentary, Part XXIV

[00:10] eye_knead_name: Showtime.
[00:10] vaguely_dirty: HBO.
[00:10] eye_knead_name: Starz.
[00:10] vaguely_dirty: Encore
[00:10] furiosity: Rai-Uno.
[00:10] eye_knead_name: TBS
[00:10] vaguely_dirty: Um, Univision?
[00:10] karaz: Comedy Central
[00:11] furiosity: COCK.
[00:11] furiosity: *wins*

HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 25 -- The Seer Overheard

I was kind of lost in the beginning of this chapter, possibly because Ginny suggests that Dementor attacks are a hypothetically better subject for gossip than who Harry's going out with. I was always under the impression that gossip subject matter is generally interpersonal -- "he said she said", "guess who's fucking who", "guess how much so-and-so spent on the such-and-such". I mean, when 9/11 happened and that was all people could talk about, I do not think of that as "gossip".

I don't understand why Hermione is all red-patchy-blazing over the fact that Harry assumed that Prince referred to a man. I mean, you think of the form -- the archetype, I suppose -- before you think that it might be a surname, no? I get her reasons for being angry once Harry is all "lol no" after she explains about surnames, but why is she angry now?

Random factoid: There are Gobstones competitions between different wizarding schools (based on "dull story about inter-school competitions"). Why not Quidditch competitions, then?

"But he healed all right, didn't he? Back on his feet in no time."
This is an interesting tidbit -- from what we'd seen in earlier books, Draco's all about exploiting a situation like this for all it's worth, isn't he? If he didn't have a job to do, he'd probably languish in the hospital wing for weeks and let Pansy feed him Hippogriff soup. Knowing that he's back on his feet in no time is a pretty direct indicator of how desperate he must be.

He was finding these detentions particularly irksome because they cut into the already limited time he could have been spending with Ginny.
Wait, you mean Snape wasn't stuffing his cock down Harry's mouth and making him forget all about Ginny during these detentions? Well, I'll be butched! XD

Man, I love Trelawney. She's so crazy. XD

I was staying at the Hog's Head, which I do not advise, incidentally - bed bugs, dear boy
Bwuh? Wizards can regrow bones, but they can't get rid of bed bugs? XD Or are they magical bed bugs that you need expensive potions for? :))

I will never get over the funny of Snape being described as a "pushing, thrusting young man". If you only knew, JKR. If you only knew.

I was so disappointed when Harry didn't start CAPSLOCKING and thrashing Dumbledore's office once more, after he found out about Snape. Oh well. There's always re-reading OotP. XD

Levity aside, this chapter is where I lost the ability to suspend disbelief at Snarry. I do not see Harry ever forgiving Snape for his role in the death of the Potters. Ever, regardless of circumstances, regardless of whatever remorse Snape felt.

Oh, never mind, there goes the capslock. Whee! :D

I really like the last part of this chapter -- really nice build-up to the action, and Harry all determined and in-control! ♥

Fact: Harry can Apparate at this point. I'm not sure if this was explicitly stated in earlier chapters or not.

At the end of the chapter, it's the second time Apparition is described at great length; I wonder if this is supposed to be a clue to something.
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