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HBP commentary, Part XXVI

[06:06] furiosity: And now, for a random Ontario town name: Hornepayne
[06:06] pikacharma: I dunno, "Hornepayne" sounds like it should be one of the Sue houses for bad slashers
[06:06] evilsource: heeeeeeeeeee
[06:06] furiosity: hahahahaha
[06:06] pikacharma: "WTF THAT DOESN'T GO THERE! OW!"

HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 27 -- The Lightning-Struck Tower

"Severus," said Dumbledore clearly. "I need Severus ..."
And the Snape/Dumbledore shippers rejoiced. For a full fifteen minutes or so. >.>

I love that once they're all atop the Astronomy Tower, Draco notices that there is a second broom. Of course, he immediately spoils the effect by choosing to brag to Dumbledore about his marvellous accomplishments instead of pressing him for information.

And at this point, poor Draco's so desperate that he'll take approval from just about anyone, even Dumbledore, so instead of securing the perimeter, he lets Dumbledore encourage his braggadocio and proceeds to deliver a "This Is How I Did It" villain speech. *FACEPALM* Oh, JKR's villains. You so... dumb.

At the same time, my heart really went out to Draco here. He's so desperate to prove himself. Poor baby.

Draco says that Montague nearly died getting out of the Vanishing Cabinet the Weasley Twins threw him into. Had he died, would it have been their fault? Or would it have been his fault for -- GASP -- trying to take house points?

"Yeah," said Malfoy who, bizarrely, seemed to draw courage and comfort from Dumbledore's praise. "Yeah, it was!"
Awww. :( *hugs Draco*

But I haven't told him what I've been doing in the Room of Requirement, he's going to wake up tomorrow and it'll all be over and he won't be the Dark Lord's favourite any more, he'll be nothing compared to me, nothing!
Hear that? This is the boy that half the fandom portrays seems to think is super-smooth and haughty and completely cool. Meantime, he's talking like a nine-year old on a sugar high, and the only visible reason he got worked up enough to actually speak with any amount of confidence was an adult's encouragement. A real smooth operator, that Draco.

And here we arrive at Rosmerta under Draco's Imperius Curse. I'm pretty sure he's going to Azkaban for that, if he doesn't die first. :\

"Yeah, I got the idea from them," said Malfoy, with a twisted smile. "I got the idea of poisoning the mead from the Mudblood Granger, as well, I heard her talking in the library about Filch not recognising potions ..."
OMG PLAGIARISM!!!!! *pets Draco*

Also, we heard that conversation in the library and I don't think Draco was mentioned at any point in that scene. Which means he might've been lurking in the library, spying on Harry the trio! XD He probably wasn't, but it's amusing to consider.

"...only your Phoenix lot got in the way ..."

'Yes, they do that,' said Dumbledore.

Bwah. I loved this line.

"Why else do you think I have not confronted you before now? Because I knew that you would have been murdered if Lord Voldemort realised that I suspected you."
Excuse me if I'm just a little bit angry at Dumbledore for using the same excuse with Draco (about why he didn't approach him earlier, despite knowing full well Draco was behind the assassination attempts) that he used with Harry in OotP. Oh, I was just trying to protect you, my boy. For all his self-proclaimed wisdom, Dumbledore seems very fond of stepping on the same goddamn rake twice. He didn't want to risk it in case Voldemort used Legilimency against Draco -- but why is he risking it now? If Voldemort can use Legilimency so easily, even though Draco is at Hogwarts (which is supposed to be protected), what's stopping him from using it, and 'watching' Draco as he tries to complete his task?

It's really sad that with Dumbledore's death, the Malfoys' lives really are forfeit. Because Dumbledore actually said that even Lucius would be protected, too, if only Draco played ball. Unless Harry insists on honouring that if Draco approaches the Order for protection -- and I don't see why Harry would, unless he construes it to be Dumbledore's dying wish -- the Malfoys are basically fucked.

"I said no!" shouted the brutal-faced man; there was a flash of light and the werewolf was blasted out of the way; he hit the ramparts and staggered, looking furious.
Who is this brutal-faced man and why is he insisting that Draco be the murderer? Could it be Rodolphus? Perhaps Bellatrix told him to ensure the boy does it himself, to spare his life (and, more importantly, her sister's)?

The more I re-read the sequence of events from Snape's arrival to the final AK, the more convinced I become that the murder was done at Dumbledore's behest. Snape didn't even look at Draco; he didn't seem to listen to Alecto -- his full attention is on Dumbledore, but he doesn't cast the curse right away.

Chapter 28 -- Flight of the Prince

What I will never understand to this day is why Harry took his Invisibility Cloak off. Wouldn't it have been much more prudent for him to stay under it? It would have certainly made him less of a target and far more effective at pursuit, as he could dodge people in his way without them trying to impede him.

I love that in the midst of chasing people. Harry pauses to notice terrified portraits and bewildered Hufflepuffs. <3

....aaaaand Harry goes straight for Cruciatus when faced with Snape; he doesn't even bother trying to disarm him. What.

"Fang's in there, yer evil - !" Hagrid bellowed.
That actually made me laugh. Yes, Hagrid, the blond Death Eater will surely see reason when you tell him he's about to fry a dog to a crisp. *pats*

Snape, the man he now hated as much as he hated Voldemort himself
Yep, thought so.

The fight scene between Snape and Harry is going to be fucking fantastic in the HBP film, though, and there's no way they'll take this out; the book's been leading up to this fight all along. And the thing is, Harry really kind of sucks at fighting -- if this weren't Snape, who I'm now sure is trying to protect Harry despite hating him, Harry would've been dead meat by now, Voldemort's orders or no.

Hagrid and his umbrella. <3 I hate teacher!Hagrid but I like Hagrid a lot.

"Dumbledore," said Harry. "Snape killed... Dumbledore."

The rest of this chapter is just perfectly gut-wrenching and I got nothing other than: poor Harry. :\
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