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HBP commentary, Part XXVII the final

[17:12] furiosity: claire is the youngest i think
[17:12] goneril: oh, i arrived at a bad time didn't i? are you doing who's the oldest?
[17:12] goneril: *weeps*
[17:12] furiosity: *sits on hands*
[17:12] furiosity: I SAID NOTHING

HBP commentary (previous parts).

Disclaimer: I have at this point read HP:DH (the carpet version) but the rough outline for these commentaries was written before that happened, so if you're worried I'm speculating with DH in mind, I am most definitely not.

Chapter 29 -- The Phoenix Lament

I wish we'd have seen more conversations like this between Harry and Ginny. I mean, I have resigned myself to the fact that JKR is going to give us an OBHWF ending (unless Harry dies, obvs.), but I really wish I could believe in the Harry/Ginny as much as I believe in the Ron/Hermione.

I wonder what's wrong with poor Neville. I mean, he'll be all right, but he was holding his poor stomach when Harry fell over him during the chase in the previous chapter. *pets Neville* Poor woobie.

Harry had never seen Lupin lose control before; he felt as though he was intruding upon something private, indecent.
I wonder if we're going to hear more about this in DH, or if Lupin is just reacting to the death of someone he respected and loved. I mean, he didn't even react this way to Sirius's death, at least not in front of everyone. I'm not going all puppyshipper on you guys, but Sirius was Lupin's childhood friend, whereas Dumbledore was always an authority figure.

"His Hand of Glory," said Ron. "Gives light only to the holder, remember?"
Whenever I read this, it makes me giggle. Draco so had Lucius wrapped around his little finger, for all Lucius's pretending that he was a stern dad, really. XD

"Neville ran at it and got thrown up into the air -"
Awww, Neville! *clutches*

I have loved Fleur since the beginning of the book just by virtue of Hermione and Ginny being cattily jealous of her beauty, but I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk! All these scars show is zat my husband is brave! basically made me into a complete and total fangirl.

The Tonks/Lupin scene of doom, however, still makes me go o.O but now that we know Tonks was a Hufflepuff, it makes a weird sort of sense.

"And I've told you a million times," said Lupin, refusing to meet her eyes, staring at the floor, "that I am too old for you, too poor . . . too dangerous. . . ."
...too gay... XD

"Snape! I taught him! I thought I knew him!"
Aw, poor Slughorn. Though it makes me wonder why Slughorn, who had taught Snape and seems to have such a good memory, didn't cotton on that it wasn't Lily's brand of talent Harry was manifesting, but rather someone else's...

I thought the conversation between the Heads of Houses was very reflective of House mentality. McGonagall says the school shouldn't reopen because Hogwarts's reputation has been sullied by Snape's actions -- pure Gryff pride. Sprout says that if even one pupil wants to learn, then the school should be open for that pupil -- Puff fairness. Slughorn thinks that parents will be afraid for their children and will want to keep families together -- a very Slytherin, family-first line of reasoning, with a dash of cautiousness. And Flitwick says that the governors must be consulted and procedure must be followed -- cool Ravenclaw logic; doing what's proper. Hagrid is the odd one out, but he's not a Head of House (thank God >.>).

As he had hoped, Ron was waiting for him, still fully dressed, sitting on his bed.
I'm SO glad Harry goes to Ron after this, and not to Ginny. There was a point at which I was fearing that the trio would become a quartet, but from this point forward Harry seems to have got his wits back.

"Dunno," said Harry, lying back on his bed fully clothed
I love how their being fully dressed/clothed is mentioned twice in the matter of three paragraphs. I guess JKR doesn't want to encourage the Harry/Ron shippers, either. XD TOO LATE. :P

Chapter 30 -- The White Tomb

lol, it figures that Zach Smith's father is "haughty-looking". Everyone who ever snubs Harry is either ugly, haughty, sneering, pointy, or some combination thereof. And their little dogs fathers, too!

<3 for Seamus starting a shouting match with his mum.

Harry was diligently avoiding contact with any of them; he was sure that, sooner or later, he would be asked again to account for Dumbledore's last excursion from Hogwarts.
He's talking about the Ministry officials here; I wonder how significant this is going to be in the last book.

Bill [...] now bore a distinct resemblance to Mad-Eye Moody
:O Bill/Moody deformity issues angst!

'She's not that bad,' said Harry. 'Ugly, though,' he added hastily, as Ginny raised her eyebrows, and she let out a reluctant giggle.
No. Words. This is supposed to be super feisty Ginny who kicks arse and takes names? She's supposed to be all "hot stuff and knows it", isn't she? So why the fuck is she so insecure about Fleur? Even when I was sixteen, if my boyfriend told me that an obviously beautiful woman was ugly just to appease me, I'd clean his clock, not giggle.

'Anyone else we know died?' Ron asked Hermione, who was perusing the Evening Prophet.
I don't remember who it was who argued with me that there was no such thing as an evening issue of the Daily Prophet, but there ya go. I was right. XP

I love that Ginny is not in the loop on Harry's Horcrux quest, and that Ron and Hermione totally are. Trio <3333

"You see ... she was Snape's mother!"

"I thought she wasn't much of a looker,' said Ron."

...are we to take that as "Ron thinks Snape is gorgeous"? Because uh. XD

On the morning of Dumbledore's funeral, everyone is wearing dress robes. I guess this is why she had Fred and George give Ron new dress robes. I mean, Dumbledore would've been pretty embarrassed to know that Ron attended his funeral wearing frilly lace.

Aww, poor Crabbe and Goyle all lonely without Draco.

Harry had not spared Malfoy much thought. His animosity was all for Snape, but he had not forgotten the fear in Malfoy's voice on that Tower top, nor the fact that he had lowered his wand before the other Death Eaters arrived. Harry did not believe that Malfoy would have killed Dumbledore. He despised Malfoy still for his infatuation with the Dark Arts, but now the tiniest drop of pity mingled with his dislike.
OMG. OTP. T__________T

Madam Pince standing beside Filch, she in a thick black veil that fell to her knees, he in an ancient black suit and tie reeking of mothbails.
Pince/Filch is so totally canon.

Tonks's hair is pink for Dumbledore's funeral. How mournful of her! But of course, what's a funeral when you have finally succeeded in badgering a man into your bed? >.>

Fred and George, who were wearing jackets of black dragonskin.
I wonder what Charlie has to say about his little brothers wearing dragonskin. XD

Neville and Luna were the only ones of the DA who responded to Hermione's summons - I wonder why? Were there no other members of the DA who actually gave a fuck about the war? That kind of renders a lot of the OotP pontificating regarding the DA rather, well, pointless.
lmao @ Umbridge scurrying away from Firenze. I so love to hate her.

Awww, Hagrid carrying dead!Dumbledore. ;___________;

Tears were falling thick and fast into both Ginny and Hermione's laps.
LOOK, EVERYBODY! GINNY IS SENSITIVE!!! She didn't know Dumbledore and never gave two fucks about him, but SHE IS SO SENSITIVE THAT SHE CRIES AT STRANGERS' FUNERALS! ISN'T SHE THE BEST EVER????

It was important, Dumbledore said, to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then could evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated ...
This makes the prospects rather bleak for poor Harry, even if he survives DH. I mean, wow, talk about a lifelong mission. D:

There was no waking from his nightmare, no comforting whisper in the dark that he was safe really, that it was all in his imagination; the last and greatest of his protectors had died and he was more alone than he had ever been before.
T__________T WAH. *clutches Harry*

*groans* JKR, you really could have done without the OMG INSTANT PSYCHIC CONNECTION BETWEEN HARRY AND GINNY!1

And then Ginny says "It's for some stupid, noble reason, isn't it?"
Yeah, really stupid. Destroying Voldemort clearly should not take priority over appeasing the chest monster! How dare you, Harry?

And I was basically ROFL through the rest of this whole dragged-out, painful break-up scene. Ginny's been stalking Harry since she was eleven and damn right she's going to get her man! Harry laments that they could've had YEARS! It's like every cheesy Harlequin ever. FFS, JKR.

How much love do I have for Scrimgeour-pwning!Harry? Oh, Harry. I always knew you would be like this. <333333

Awww, Ron. I <3 his attempts to manipulate Hermione into letting him go back and hit Percy.

"And if I meet Severus Snape along the way," he added, "so much the better for me, so mucn the worse for him."
Um, Harry, dear? I hate to break it to you, but you just got your arse handed to you by Snape less than a week ago. Do you really think that your Extreme Moral Fibre is going to stand up against Snape's superior magical skill? :|

Aww, Grawp cuddling Hagrid. <333

"We're with you whatever happens." --Ron

In conclusion, there were things about this book I hated, of course there were, but overall, I thought Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince rocked like a rocking thing. I cannot wait until DH is officially out and we can all talk about the conclusion to the series.

Thank you for reading the HBP commentaries! ♥ I will not be doing these for DH; there will be just one (long) post o' reactions right after I read it again. SO EXCITED, OMK.
Tags: criticism, fandom:hp, half-blood prince commentary, meta:canon
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