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i'm not ready to make nice

Still working on detailed commentary (which did turn into chapter-by-chapter, bah, but I'm not going to post a chapter at a time) and writing fic. In the meantime, I HAS A POLL AND SUM THAWTS.

It's about the epilogue. The same unbelievably craptastic epilogue that is now canon. I personally don't do "ignore canon" very well; I've always felt that it defeats the purpose of fan fic to ignore inconvenient canon (for me, fan fic writing is primarily an exercise in sticking to a set of rules that are not my own), but the epilogue feels so incredibly tacked on and out of context that I can't help thinking that it's something JKR wrote for herself, rather than for Harry. It didn't tell me if Harry was married happily, if he had a job (and what it was), if he actually had a solidly good relationship with his children, where he lived, what he did in his free time, what his relationship with Ron and Hermione was like now (aside from the Sunday afternoon trio!sexing)...

The thing is, marriage and procreation are not something I value, and the epilogue gave me no closure; it was focussed so completely on "omg look how prolifically they've procreated, and what stupid names they've thought up for their kids!11" that I could not identify with Harry; it felt like reading about a total stranger. JKR's said that this epilogue was her way of saying good-bye to the characters. Me, I'm not ready to say good-bye to them after that, and not just because I don't ship Harry/Ginny. I'm not ready because I don't feel like I know what kind of person Harry has become -- aside from being an ace dad, which any idiot with half a brain could have predicted since book 1, and aside from learning a thing or two about forgiveness, which was pretty much obvious after The Prince's Tale.

I can't say that the epilogue is not canon to me, because it obviously is -- it's in the book, JKR wrote it, and that's that. Besides, it gave us Albus Severus/Scorpius, so it's not a total waste. Because AS/S will be a ship full of awesome, the below poll applies only to fics about characters of Harry's generation and earlier.

Poll #1025615 Epilogue of Doom

With respect to the epilogue, what are your plans for post-DH fan fiction?

Set all fics post-epilogue (divorce! tragic accidents!) and/or keep the epilogue in mind whilst writing fics set in the 19 years before the epilogue.
Ignore it altogether.
One of the above; depends on the fic.
Something else.
The characters I write about were not mentioned in the epilogue, so I'll just go on as before.
I don't write fic.

If a fic ignores the epilogue, should the writer make a note of it somehow?

The writer should indicate that she's ignoring the epilogue somewhere in her fic header.
The writer should classify her fic as AU
Both of the above
Neither. The epilogue doesn't count as part of canon.
Something else.
Tags: deathly hallows commentary, fandom:hp, meta:canon, poll
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