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Canon Deathday Party Redux

Just a heads-up on the Richtree alterna-feast aka the Canon Deathday Party, which is happening next Thursday at the BCE Place Richtree restaurant, at the same time as the official Prophecy Welcoming Feast. The reservation is for 35 people and it looks like there are going to be 34 of us. If you are planning on attending and have not yet indicated, in some fashion, that you are (either by answering the original poll or by commenting/e-mailing me), please let me know. I'm calling Richtree tomorrow to confirm 34 as attending; I don't know if they'll be able to accommodate more without prior notice, and I would rather not piss them off by calling them and changing the reservation fifteen thousand times. Never annoy the people who provide you with food is one of my life mottos. (45 are attending.)

As far as meeting up for this goes, I think it would be best if we all met in the hotel lobby and walked together, to avoid non-locals getting lost. I'm going to make a DEATHDAY PARTY sign and I'll either brandish it threateningly or prop it artfully against a visible wall in case I'm seized by an inexorable nic fit. I'll also most likely be dressed in Slytherin robes because that way, it'll be so much more embarrassing to be seen with me! Just kidding; it's too damned hot in this city to walk the streets in school robes.

I'll start hanging out in the lobby around 5:00; it would be best if all of us could assemble by 5:15 so we can make it on time for our reservation (5:45). This is walking distance (0.7 miles = just over 1km) but I want to give us a lot of extra time so we're not rushing. If walking is impossible or difficult for you, I'm going to ask for a local to volunteer and take those who are unable to walk such a distance to the destination by subway. The reason I'm not suggesting subway for everyone is that the TTC adult cash fare is $2.75 Canadian and it seems like a waste for only two stops plus a walk from Union Station. Plus, downtown Toronto, though busy with pedestrian traffic, is a great place for walking.

In the event that you are late, fifteen points will be taken from your house and I'm afraid I'll have to put you in detention. Or maybe not. Basically, those of us who are in the lobby will leave at 5:15, 5:20 at the latest. If you're late or if it makes no sense for you to go to the hotel lobby (because you're a local arriving from another direction, for example), Here is a map of how to get from the hotel to the restaurant (the restaurant's address is 42 Yonge Street and it's inside BCE Place); when you show up, just tell them you're with the Prophecy group. I am not planning on giving any speeches or insisting that people sit according to their Hogwarts house, so even if you're late, you won't miss anything except first shot at the foodz. Not that you'd be missing much even if I were preparing a speech; my speeches tend to start with "So Harry Potter, Lord Thingy, and Draco Malfoy walk into a bar, right?" and end with "Rocks fall, everyone dies." The in-between stuff is mostly fangirl gibberish.

Questions/concerns/comments/suggestions? OMG, ONE WEEK!!! :D

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