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Prophecy things

Canon Deathday Party stuff:

I increased the reservation to 45 -- mijan, lampblack, you're good to go. \:D/ The information post is here, and we still have room for 2 people at this point. I'm definitely not going to be calling to change anything again; I've got a shitload of other stuff to do before Wednesday.

Airport stuff:

I'm going to be at Pearson Airport twice on Wednesday to pick up my roommates, and I'll have some room in the back if people arriving a day early need a ride to the Sheraton. Driving between terminals is a bit of a pain, so if you want/need a ride, you'll have to be willing to shuttle-bus it (free) between terminals.

I'll be at Terminal 1 (Arrivals) at 4:15 PM with two others, so two more can fit in the back. I don't want to wait too long because lol expensive parking, so holla only if you're there at or before 4PM.

I'll be at Terminal 3 (Arrivals) at 7:15 PM with two others, so three two more can fit in the back. Same deal with timing.

I'm going to take Bella home after that, and sometime Saturday evening I'll go and get her again. It just makes no sense for me to pay upwards of $120 in parking fees when I'll barely be driving for most of the con.

On Sunday, I'm going to be taking Kdawg back to hers right after I drop Aut off at the airport; that's going to be about two hours there and two hours back; if anyone wants to come along to keep me company, I'd totally love you, because wow, long drive. :"> Obviously I'd drive you back to the hotel -- Monday is a national holiday and I don't have to work, yay! I expect we'd get back into town around 7PM on Sunday. I am not certain of Bellaspace for a ride to the airport on Sunday until I know if anyone's coming up north with me, so I'm not offering ATM. I'll be able to take one person to the airport, leaving the hotel at around 1:30-1:45.

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