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no correct politics

Er.. just to be clear, "furiosity" on GJ is not me. I'm guessing some of you were adding her using the admin console trick, but if you took at look at her journal you would (hopefully) rather quickly understand that you were looking at the wrong journal. -_- I went through her f-of list and added everyone from fandom; I'm furi0sity over there. Because l33t5p34k m4k35 3v3ry7h1ng b3773r. If you're looking for my alternate journals (I posted them a few days ago but they were behind a cut -- oops?), here they are:


There is no friending policy at the other journals; I'm basically adding anyone who adds me -- I will not lock anything posted there so there are no issues with having to trust strangers with things about my personal life, which will stay locked here on LJ until they ToS me for mentioning AS/S or something. I am setting up a complicated FeedReader hierarchy to keep up with people. Once it's finished, it will be fantastic. For now, I'm reading my LJ flist as usual and skimming the other flists when I have time.

And, well, since we're doing PSAs: all underage NC-17 fiction ever posted to my LiveJournal will be hidden in the following weeks. It will still be freely accessible (via my fic site) to anyone over 18 who isn't an LJ/6A employee/volunteer or a law enforcement official. More information here. For the time being, all my fic will remain unlocked at all my journals, though it's only memoried and tagged on LJ. At some point, however, my plan is to use my fic site (which is currently in dire need of an update -_-) as the central repository for all my fic. I'll still keep my fics on Skyehawke, PSA, and the Hex Files, but I really don't want to crosspost to multiple journals.
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