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but you're way out of line

0001 - elaboration. Reinstated at LJ. ponderosa121 remains suspended, but I believe she's asked LJ not to reinstate her (correct me if I'm wrong).

0010 - SixApart/LJ posts more clarifications in lj_biz. Mildly encouraging, particularly the two-strike process, but they already made similar promises back in May. We shall see.

0011 - I'm slowly unlocking the non-fic stuff. Fic will stay locked for a while; I need to reorganise it all and relocate stuff that's underage just in case. I haven't got any new fic to post, anyway; everything's "in progress". I found this while going through the old stuff -- I was writing crackfic before I knew what crackfic was. *facepalm*

[This post also on: GJ | JF | IJ]
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