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you don't just step inside to fourteen years

FYI: I've unlocked all non-fic fannish posts at my LiveJournal. Fic will follow eventually. I'm kind of glad I did the lockdown, because it's given me a chance to reorganise my tags, which are now clean and shiny. *\o/*

Something that keeps getting repeated today across the fracturing fandom landscape: LJ/6A really fucked with our post-DH squee. And you know, they did. They really fucking did. And a part of me wants to whine and complain about it until I'm blue in the face, because it's something that I can't change, and I'm absolutely pants at accepting things I cannot change. But you know what? What kind of Brian Kinney fan would I be if I actually did that? No. No excuses, no apologies, no regrets.

From this point forward, this journal (wherever you might be reading it) is reverting to all fandom, all the time. If LJ wants to come and ToS me for this AS/S pornfic I'm writing, let them come.

[This post also on: GJ | JF | IJ]
Tags: fandom, lj, strikethrough2007
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