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funny how everything was roses when we held on to the guns

Not HP fandom, but still -- fandom! I just spent the past hour laughing until everything hurt -- a few of these have become memes since they'd first appeared online (Smeagol & his "made of love", for example), but they're still fucking hysterical. Er, if you're familiar enough with the Lord of the Rings films, of course. >.> They've been kicking around since about 2002/2003, but I forgot how fucking funny they were. Very poorly captioned stills from the first two Lord of the Rings movies.

[find the weed in the cave of mine]

[I bring word from Elfron of River Death]

I have no idea who made them, or who the author of the commentary on the FotR caps is, but I'm tempted to do commentary for the TTT ones at some point in the future. *\o/*
Tags: crack, fandom:lotr, humour, movies, pictures

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