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Prophecy 2007 - Part II - The Awesome [1]

Oh hai thar. Let me show you my Pokemans.

This is basically a "My Trip To Prophecy, by f, Age 6.". Don't say I didn't warn you. No pics yet, sorry.

Wednesday, August 1

Prophecy weekend started with a bang. Literally.

I was supposed to pick up evilsource at a subway station near my work, and there was some sort of an explosion (BLUE FLAMES!1, evilsource would say later, her eyes still full of stunned shock at the inexplicable blaze in the midst of the city) in the area that basically cut off every access route to the subway station. Long story short, after circling the block for 20 minutes, I finally found a way into the station's passenger pickup/drop-off area, grabbed Kdawg, and we went off in search of Red Bull.

Our search was almost entirely fruitless, but we did find a convenience store a few kilometres away from the airport, where we grabbed some Red Bull, and then it was time to go and collect lunacy, cmere, and longleggedgit. Whilst waiting for their planes to land, we studied the people waiting in the Arrivals section at Pearson International. One young man looked eager as he stood near the barrier, holding up a sign that read simply, "Bo". We never did get to find out who Bo was, as the ladies arrived and it was time to head to the hotel. I hope he saw his Bo safely off the plane and they lived happily ever after.

Traffic was a bitch, but when isn't it, during the week in the middle of rush hour. Instead of taking the Gardiner, we took the scenic route, but that didn't really save us any time. We left the airport around five and didn't get to the hotel until half past six. I needed to be at the airport again at 7, to pick up cornmouse and acromantular. In the hotel lobby, ran into valis2, djin7, midnitemaraud_r, and several others whose LJ names escape me. It's always such a treat walking into a hotel lobby right before con; there are some people already in costume and there's this weird aura of excitement everywhere. The con is young, we still have several days ahead of us, and everyone is smiling. I love that.

Anyway; we quickly checked in and unloaded Bella, then it was time to go back to the airport. The trip back was quicker, and the trip from the airport to the hotel again quicker still. acromantular's plane was delayed horribly and I couldn't wait around, as I still had to drop Bella off at home, which is a good 40km from the hotel, and we had plans for the evening. So, I left acromantular a voice mail hoping she wouldn't hate me too much for not waiting (she assured me that it was fine when I was like OMG I AM SO SORRY to her the next day, but I still feel bad).

I took Bella home -- I parked her at home for most of the weekend because the parking costs in the city are absolutely fucking ridiculous; I wasn't about to pay $120 on top of everything else, so. My dad drove me back to the hotel -- by this time, it was 10PM. I texted everyone I knew was already in town with "LOL LET'S GO TO WOODY'S" (which was the evening plan I'd mentioned earlier) and then we hung out in the lobby until like... eleven or so? The group that eventually set off for Woody's consisted of evilsource, cornmouse, fiona_fawkes and her sister, mijan, lunacy, cmere and longleggedgit (if I'm forgetting someone, kick me).

I think you can tell where this is going. A group of people, led by me. o.o Obviously, we went the wrong way on Church Street. *facepalm* f's Amazing Sense of Loldirection strikes again! I'm surprised I manage to get dressed in the mornings, really; it's a wonder I know that my arms go in the sleeves and not in the trouser legs. T_T sesheta_66, whom I'd phoned when we left the hotel, was very bewildered when we still hadn't shown up by, like, half past eleven. She and alaana_fair hung out at a Timothy's across the street whilst we made our slow but sure approach.

Woody's was great, though we got a few strange looks from the local gay men, who are probably unaccustomed to large and loud groups of women exclaiming over the giant red cock (the bird, not the male appendage) displayed near one of the bars. We talked fic and slash and life in general, and there was much laughter and squee; I was sort of out of it most of the time because I'd pretty much spent the previous 6 hours driving a hole through Toronto's roads. When we got back to the hotel around two AM, I slept like the dead.

Thursday, August 2nd

Woke up way too early, cursing my nine-to-five job that's built a clock into my brain and won't let me sleep in on freedays. evilsource, cornmouse and I went downstairs to register for the con and scrounge up some breakfast. In the middle of breakfast (at a nearby Tim Hortons), we realised that we'd forgotten poor lunacy and there was much facepalming (SORRY AGAIN REENA, OMG D: D: D:).

That day I had the slasher lunch at 2PM; we spent most of the morning shopping, or what passes for shopping when you can barely walk and your blisters have blisters -- we went in search of a Dollarama to get a big piece of cardboard for the Deathday Party sign. I had a Sharpie in my purse so I figured we'd be all set. I am pretty sure that we ran into people at various points during our morning adventures, but alas, I don't remember. I was still on zombie autopilot from the night before, and I didn't really begin to wake up and realise there was no work or obligation until later that evening.

At around 1PM, we gravitated towards the hotel lobby, where people were already assembling for the slashers' lunch which fiona_fawkes organised. I have to mention here that Fi absolutely fucking wins at organising shit; she had goodie bags and reservations organised and squared away within mere weeks. By contrast, it took me two months to plan and execute a simple restaurant reservation for the Deathday Party. But I digress! As we waited for people to assemble, I saw bethbethbeth, kaalee, lauriegilbert, nimori, orionnoire... I know amanuensis1 walked in at some point, and we said hi, and then we didn't see each other for the rest of the con (as always! XD), titti... OH GOD I AM FORGETTING EVERYBODY ELSE, BRAIN FTF. D: Also, I'm pretty sure yenesi was there, but I might just be on crack. Speaking of crack, in time-honoured Lumos tradition, the back of my registration badge said "Msscribe". Someone looked at it, looked at me, and innocently asked if I was in bandom. XD

Once everybody was assembled, we headed to Elephant and Castle on King Street, where we basically took over the entire pub. There were something like 50 people there; I sat with acromantular, coffeejunkii, kriken, dramedy, and cmere. Other people who were there (besides those I already mentioned from the lobby) included emmagrant01, askani, djin7, swtjemz, kittehkat, liret, henpecked, tonights, venivincere, aliciamasters, chinae, greyandgrey, shadowpryde... that's all I can remember. The lunch was great; we ate and then fiona_fawkes, with her sister's help, distributed the door prizes -- three people at our table got something! Our table was totally awesome. XD I didn't win anything, but I never win anything anyway, so that was okay.

At some point, henpecked and I had a smoke outside and were accosted by a pair of tourists. The kicker here is that for someone who would probably walk to the North Pole by default if there weren't "turn right" and "turn left" signs along the road (placed there strategically by well-meaning individuals who don't want me to freeze to death), I actually GIVE pretty good directions, as it turned out. Anyway, time was wearing on and we still had the Canon Deathday Party to go to, so I headed back to the hotel at around 3:30, accompanied by people AND I DO NOT REMEMBER WHICH PEOPLE. coffeejunkii, I think, but again, wow, I'm usually much better at remembering details than this. I HAVE NO EXCUSE. ;_;

One detail about this day at con that stands out starkly is That Time f Freaked The Fuck Out of A Random Dude.

At some point, evilsource, cornmouse and I were in a lift headed to our floor, and there was a random non-Potter dude in the lift with us. I was standing across from Kdawg and because I am insane and an embarrassment to polite company, I recited, with a maniacal look on my face, "Let me show you my Pokemans." After a pause, I added, "My Pokemans. Let me show you them."

At this point, the random dude couldn't contain his laughter and there was much rejoicing over the fact that cat macro speak is funny even without cats. Or perhaps he was laughing because wow, f so crazy. I think it was mostly that, yep.

So at around 5:30 we began assembling for the Deathday Party. cornmouse and evilsource drew a totally awesome sign on the Bristol board we'd purchased earlier that day -- alas, we no longer have the sign, but there is a photo which I'll put up on Flickr in a bit. The hotel staff tried to hassle us about putting up the sign, but I was like "omg plz we'll take it down, promise!1" so she just looked at me and said fine. I like to think she was afraid I would bring up my Pokemans again.

evilsource, cornmouse, and I hung out in the lobby, waiting for people to show up. irrevokable, ficlette, and my_fading_voice were there first; < lj user="drusillas_rain"> was totally awesome and prepared; she brought little maps for everyone in case anyone got lost along the way, and I spent the next fifteen or so minutes harassing everybody and handing them these little maps, because I am a giant dork.

All told, we were (excluding the above): acromantular, anathema91, tonights, askani, cmere, coffeejunkii, goldie, hasaidreamer, henpecked, incapricious, , kriken, lauriegilbert, marksykins, midnitemaraud_r, mijan, mousapelli, orionnoire, petrol, swtjemz, thywillbedone. There was also lauriegilbert's friend whose LJ name I don't know.

josanpq, chinae, geewhiz and her friend were already at the restaurant when we'd arrived; agent_maxine and petrol joined us later, as did lunacy. I was there, too! Er. >.>

Richtree was a great experience as usual, though we totally went in through the back door (heh heh) and confused the fuck out of the manager on duty, who was expecting us at the front. Also, apparently they had dessert coupons but they sent them to THE CONFERENCE ORGANISERS EVEN THOUGH I EXPLICITLY TOLD THE RESTAURANT THAT WE WERE NOT PART OF THE OFFICIAL CON. It was okay, though, we still got dessert coupons in the end, but then the restaurant didn't want to recognise crepes and ice cream as dessert, wtf. They did end up honouring the coupons, anyway, but that was an interesting interlude. We took over one of the separate raised platform-type things near a window and then descended upon the food, which was good.

Most of the dinner is a blur to me at this point; I was too busy taking pictures and running around the various tables to really eat much; then it was time to head back to the hotel because the Wizard Rock concert would begin at 7:30. When we arrived, there was an enormous queue, and so goldie, marksykins, cornmouse and I bugged off to the hotel bar, where we sampled the HP-themed drinks (I had Unicorn's Blood, of which I gleefully informed everyone who would listen, afterwards). We were joined by agent_maxine and petrol at some point. I believe we may possibly have discussed buttsex. What happens in Toronto, stays in Toronto, man.

Later that evening, cornmouse and I took our laptops downstairs, and just as we were approaching the Ugly Orange Carpet of Free Wireless in the lobby, lauriegilbert told us about the fanartist suspensions. Apparently, it had just happened at the time. I spent the rest of the night catching up on my flist and e-mail and refreshing news and lj_biz, but as we all know, no new information would be forthcoming until well after Prophecy.

I .. think we went somewhere else after this, but I forget where. Probably to bed.

[to be continued]
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