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Fic: Take Care [Petunia, PG]

Title: Take Care
Author: furiosity
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
Character[s]: Petunia Dursley, Lily Evans
Warning: Character death
Disclaimer: JKR owns. I only play. You do not sue.
Length: 1000 words
Summary: Lily had always dreamed of spending a holiday in Majorca. Petunia thinks dreams are such silly things.
Beta: heerotomoe
Note: Written for picfor1000 (originally posted here.)
Concrit: Always welcome and appreciated.

Take Care

Lily Evans had always dreamed of spending a holiday in Majorca.

She opened her eyes and looked up at the sky, the kind of azure she'd only thought possible in travel brochures. She was floating in the Mediterranean waters, imagining a life filled with sunshine this bright. The gentle breeze caressing her face carried a faint smell of exotic spices. Lily's chest swelled with feeling -- this was happiness. A holiday with her family, in the most perfect place on Earth. Nothing would ever compare to this, not even Hogwarts with its promise of a place in the wizarding world.

"Lily, look!" cried a voice from her right.

She turned and smiled at Ben, her adoptive brother. He was holding a large stick in his hand, his eyes trumphant.

"Where did you get that?"

"Dove to the bottom for it, he did," supplied her sister Petunia, who was swimming closer.

Ben raised the stick and made big, bulging eyes at them.

"It's my sword! Surrender, infidels!" he cried, then shook the stick for emphasis, causing drops of water to dance through the air around them.

Lily laughed. Ben was growing far too fond of those storybooks of his. She winked at Petunia and they both pretended to look scared.

"Oh no!" cried Petunia. "It's a Knight of the Red Rose!"

The girls exchanged mock horrified glances and began to swim away from Ben. He chased after them gleefully, throwing the stick aside.

They swam out to the shallows where Petunia and Ben wrestled, splashing each other and anyone else who strayed close.

"Oi, you two. Let's dry off a little," Lily said impatiently, shaking water out of her hair.

She looked up at the beach. A tall, slim boy about her age stood there, looking at the three of them. His hair stuck up in the back, reminding Lily of James Potter, a boy from school. Such an arrogant, attention-seeking prat he was! The boy on the beach smiled broadly and waved to her. He had a much nicer smile than Potter, who looked like a shark when he smiled. Lily smiled back at the boy but didn't wave. There was a shout in Spanish; the boy turned around and ran off towards a group of teenagers.

"You shouldn't stare at boys, Lily. It's not proper," Petunia said from over her shoulder.

Lily made a face. Petunia could be such a prude. "Well at least he isn't pudgy like your boyfriend."

"Vernon isn't pudgy! He's big-boned," Petunia shot back.

Lily snorted. "Sure, Pet, whatever you say."

"You don't even have a boyfriend in the first place," Petunia added, then stuck out her tongue.

Lily made a grab for it, but Petunia was quick to hide it. Lily lunged for her with a huge splash, showering Ben with water. He gave another battle cry and jumped towards her, missing by inches and falling, causing a great wave to splatter both girls.

"So much for drying off a little," Petunia said in a bored voice. Lily giggled, despite herself.

This had been a welcome distraction -- they'd promised their parents to try and get along for Ben's sake. Things had been strained between the two of them since Lily started going to Hogwarts and the summer holidays were often filled with bickering and tears.

They decided to head back to the shore. Ben wanted to build a sandcastle and they set about it as the gentle waves lapped at the shore and their bare feet.

There was something about digging your hands into water-soaked sand. Lily had always liked Herbology, but plunging your hands into soil wasn't like this. She rubbed her hands together, letting the loose grains of sand slide all over her palms. It was a pleasant, tingling sensation and Lily smiled, closing her eyes.

"Girls! Ben!" came her mother's voice from behind.

Lily turned around and squinted into the sunlight -- their parents were buying snacks from a vendor. Her stomach growled a little and she realised that they hadn't eaten since breakfast. Her mother waved to her, indicating that she should come over and get some food. Lily scrambled to her feet, carefully avoiding the sandcastle.

"Be right back with some nosh! Take care of him, Pet."


People say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes.

It isn't true.

As Lily Potter fell down beside her son's crib, all she remembered was a sunny afternoon in Majorca.

Take care of him, Pet.


Petunia Dursley awoke with a jolt and sat up, staring around the dark bedroom. A sliver of pale light filtered through the thin space between the curtains, flickering on the walls and floor. The only sounds were Vernon's snores and the distant blare of a night train's whistle.

She had been dreaming -- about sun, splashing water, green light, a little boy, and Lily.

It must have been the Hallowe'en hoopla. Petunia fluffed her pillow and lay back down. All those children dressed up as wizards and hags and monsters. It all must have made her subconsciously think about those unnatural things and with them, her sister.

Petunia drew closer to her husband and closed her eyes.

She suddenly remembered what she'd dreamt about. Majorca, the summer before her sister's last year at that horrid school.

The summer before Lily started going out with that awful boy.

The summer before that plane crash that had taken Ben and their parents away from them.

Instead of bringing Lily and Petunia closer, the tragedy had driven them apart completely. Petunia had hoped that Lily would come home, but she hadn't. That school and that Potter boy had made her sister think she was better than her family. Petunia sniffed into her pillow. She wasn't any better than them. A freak, that's what she was.

Lily's voice called to her through the years.

Take care of him, Pet.

Petunia shut her eyes tighter and drew her blanket up to her chin.

Dreams were such silly things.

Tags: fic:character:hp:petunia, fic:era:marauder, fic:fandom:hp, fic:genre:drama, fic:length:short, fic:post-ootp, fic:pov:petunia, fic:type:gen
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