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i put on my robe and pimp hat

Okay, so I pimped this ages ago when goneril first started it but she's been at it a while now, and if you are not watching velpics ([info]velpics_ij), you're missing out.

It's a photo journal; a photo a day, roughly, and honestly? I don't have much appreciation of visual artwork aside from "pretty" and "not pretty" but Vel's got a gift for photography and every time she makes a post, my day gets a little brighter. It's like she freezes life in time with every snapshot -- the colours, the greys, the stillness, the movement -- everything. There are images of nature and architecture, animals and cityscapes, from all over the western hemisphere. Yesterday she posted a sloe berry and I just sat there staring at it with a stupid grin on my face for what felt like an hour. It's just such a treat and I thought I'd share. :>

(on IJ: [info]velpics_ij)
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