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Ye Olde Post O' Pimp

Only posting this on LJ, since it's an LJ community.


hogwarts_elite is a sorting community: you post an application, members read it and decide which HP house suits you best. Most people get Squibbed, and that's why it's called Hogwarts Elite: the standards for getting sorted are ridiculously high. A lot of people take offense to this approach, but you know, it's kind of part of the game. Few people in the community actually take it so seriously as to believe that they are "ZOMG TEH R337 AND SOOO MUCH BETTAR THAN U" just because they were sorted. (I actually don't know anyone like that, but I don't want to say there are none, because it's a huge comm and I don't know everyone personally).

I've been a member for nearly three years -- I left for three terms when work/life got hectic but I've been back for a term and a half now; the comm is still awesome. There's something for everyone -- you can talk HP in the main community, post random polls about your house Founder's left testicle/ovary in the common room, enter contests (for fictional writing, essay writing, graphics, fanart, trivia, and puzzles), chat with the other people from the community in AIM chats with cracktastic names, or you can just keep to yourself, sort the required number of apps to avoid expulsion, and point and laugh at the rest of us as we go batshit about who wins THE HOUSE CUP (which is, you know, a pretty graphic).

For example, I'm in Slytherin and I play Seeker for one of the house Quidditch teams. This involves insomnia and is not as pretty and glamorous as it sounds. I believe I once told lauriegilbert that I couldn't do coffee because the Snitch might go up. Oh, self.

I know it might seem enormously confusing, but it's quite simple. If you're not the type to enter contests, participation in the community boils down to two simple things:

1. Sort 30 applications per term (12 weeks)
2. Don't be an idiot.

If/when you decide to get sorted, do read the rules for sorting (found in the sorting_elite userinfo). If/when you actually get sorted, do read the rules of engagement for the comm (found in the hogwarts_elite userinfo). Do note that there is a wait involved between the time you submit your application and when it actually goes up in the community -- applications are dropped on a somewhat daily basis in batches of five, roughly, and I've heard that the sorting queue fills up pretty quickly.

Also, in case it wasn't obvious above, sorting is Serious Business, and a half-arsed app is going to get you Squibbed with no chance to reapply.


And if after all that tl;dr, you decide to go for it, plz tell 'em f sent ya by copypasting this in response to question 19:

If you have questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them. :)
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